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For Business Owners, Independent Professionals, and Solo-Preneurs ...

"4 Ways To Land More Clients Without Working Harder, Becoming A Copywriter Or Draining Your Bank Account" 

The 90-Minute Consultation That Could Transform Your Marketing By Giving You Exactly What You Need, When You Need It 

You're an experienced business owner with a pressing problem. You don't have time to replay videos from your online courses. You're past the point of pulling all-nighters to figure things out. You want figured-out guidance, brainstorming and objective insights, all in one place... without long-time commitments and long waits for appointments.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter and strategist. I've been there myself and gotten frustrated with hunting around for a one-off consultation that was deep enough to yield a real solution yet fast enough so I could meet my deadlines.

That's why I created the 90-Minute Consultation program. It comes in four flavors...or you can send me a message and we'll invent one for you. 

Four Flavors Of The Consultation 

Content Strategy Diagnostic Consultation: My most popular consultation. This diagnostic consultation is the first step for a copywriting gig. We'll plan out the pages of your website, blueprint your sales letter, review your objectives for an autoresponder series or improve any content you've been working on. If you decide I'm the person to write the copy, you deduct the cost of the session; otherwise you can take what we've worked on to another copywriter or choose to DIY. Learn more here. 

Get Unstuck Consultation: When you're stuck as you try to turn your brilliant idea into a marketable offer, I'll help you look at the problem in a new way and find creative approaches to make it happen. Learn more here

Copywriting Makeover Consultation: When you've got some copy you've written (or you want a second opinion on someone else's copy), I'll go through your content in detail and we'll begin revising, right there on the call. Learn more here. 

Story Consultation: Bring any and all questions about storytelling for business/ Discover how to use storytelling to brand your business. Or choose a signature story to tell for a speaking engagement or networking event. Or brainstorm ways to incorporate storytelling in your own business. Learn more here.

Just imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could get guidance to overcome roadblocks and reach your goals, tailored to your business and your style. Stop watching others accomplish more with less effort and discover how just one consultation can make huge difference to your results. I look forward to working with you! 

"So much value in one short call..."

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.  

"Just 60 minutes into our 90-minute call, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points. We revised the wording and structure of my Home Page, totally redirected my About Page and a whole lot more!  

"It wasn’t just theory – we actually started drafting the copy and headlines. Our session was fun and I enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with Cathy."  

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach 

"Knows how to teach copywriting"  

  "When Cathy worked with clients at my live events and boot camps, I heard a lot of ‘Wows!’ She has a knack for identifying just what they need and she’s a natural teacher.  

"Cathy was one of my Top 50 Coolest Marketers for two years running, and we've collaborated on projects over the years. She knows her stuff. I'd suggest you hire her before she raises her rates."  

Lorrie Morgan Internationally Known Copywriter 

copy coaching via lorrie morgan-ferrero

"Straightforward, actionable advice from a pro"  

copywriting consulting branding consultation

"Straightforward, actionable advice from a pro" 

"Cathy walks the line between being an expert in her business and knowing you are an expert in yours. She isn't about cookie-cutter philosophies and 'you have to do it this way' but rather shared her opinion and expertise and worked with me in fine tuning my message so I could use it uniquely in my own work.

"Cathy's recommendations were very specific and easy to apply. There was definitely no fluff and no wasted time: we actually began implementing solutions during the call."  

Nancy Jane Smith Life Coach and Psychotherapist

Why Work With Cathy Goodwin?

cathy goodwin copywriting, storytelling for small business

With over 10 years of online experience in copywriting and strategy, specializing in service-based small businesses and solo-preneurs, I've got the perfect background to help you build your personal brand, gain a profitable presence online and simplify your marketing (so you get more clients with less work -- my favorite outcome!). 

You get a non-judgmental sounding board, objective advisor, copywriting coach and voice of experience. You get immediate value because you don't reinvent the wheel. Chances are I've been there and done that ... usually more than once.  

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