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 "Stop Getting Stuck And Start Landing More Clients"

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You're a small business owner or independent professional. You just hatched a brilliant idea that will help you get more clients and deliver enormous value. 

And now you've got to find a way to take it to the marketplace...without pulling all-nighters or killing the budget. And you're not sure how to make this happen.

You don't have time to listen to half a dozen webinars or fast forward through hours of video training to find what you need. You want to ask a lot of questions, get customized answers and bounce a lot of ideas off someone else's brain -- all at once, in one place. 

Right now you ...

... have this idea in your head ... and spend all your energy trying to get unstuck so you can turn your dream into revenue-generating offers 

... know there's demand for your offer but need an action plan to accelerate your marketing 

... feel excited about launching your next big thing ... and want step-by-step guidance to craft your marketing campaign

... seek an objective expert to ask the probing questions and provide the right nudges (along with a reality check and a lot of encouragement)

... want to make sure you're reaching the audience who doesn't live in your world (and you're too close to your idea for now) 

Imagine if you could... 

... wake up each morning to discover you're signing up more clients from the same traffic (because your marketing got more focused and strategic)

... attract your ideal clients -- the ones who are excited about working with you and ready to get started right away

.... strengthen your message so your prospects are crystal clear about what you do (because clarity is the single most important persuasion tool anywhere)  

... simplify your marketing so you get more results in the same amount of time (or even in less time)

... gain confidence that your marketing campaign really works (so you can stop that endless tweaking, publish your content and get back to doing the fun stuff)

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.  

For over a decade I've been helping small business owners and independent professionals attract clients, whether they're starting out or starting over. Once you discover the power you get from a one-to-one sesson, you'll wonder why you EVER wasted time trying to figure things out on your own ... or why you wasted money hiring more help than you actually need.  

When I first started out on the Internet, I was so terrified of sounding sales-y I went to the other extreme. My promotions were so timid, my prospects thought I was talking them out of buying. When I studied copywriting, I found straightforward ways to strengthen my message and share my value ... and my prospects began to take me seriously and sign up to become clients. 

Today I work with coaches, consultants, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to combine professionalism with promotion. They want to turn visitors into prospects. They want to turn prospects into delightful, delighted clients.  

And they're busy. When they're stuck, they don't want to waste time. They want a get-it-done, no-nonsense consultation so they can finish what they working on, get results, and move on to the next big thing. 

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Start getting results immediately with this 90-minute consultation  

Getting unstuck is as simple as 1-2-3:

(1) After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes). 

(2) You send me anything you would like me to read before the call. I'll read anything that arrives up to 24 hours before the call. 

(3) After the consultation, you'll get the recording and some notes. You also get 2 weeks of unlimited email Q&A with me. If I don't hear from you in a week or so, I'll send a follow-up email to see how you're doing.  

 If you decide you'd like me to write a Done For You sales letter or website, sign up within 5 business days of our call and deduct the cost of this consultation.  

Here's what you can expect when we get together:  

Most sessions are structured in conversational "look over my shoulder" style, working with screen-sharing software. Some clients prefer to ask a series of questions. We don't do a lot of small talk or fluff; this is a working session. You may experience a dash of my irreverent East Coast style of humor. You will almost certainly experience 2 or 3 "aha" moments.  

We begin with your goals and desired outcome for the session. Before the call, I'll review whatever you sent, so we hit the ground running. We dig deeply into the details. I’ll share my insights and give you customized action steps to move forward and achieve the results you are seeking.  

Currently - $250 for one consultation. Introductory Special: Buy two and the third is on me (if used within 60 days -- same price for 2 or 3 consultations).  

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"Straightforward, actionable advice from a pro"  

"Cathy walks the line between being an expert in her business and knowing you are an expert in yours. She isn't about cookie-cutter philosophies and 'you have to do it this way' but rather shared her opinion and expertise and worked with me in fine tuning my message so I could use it uniquely in my own work.  

"Cathy's recommendations were very specific and easy to apply. There was definitely no fluff and no wasted time: we actually began implementing solutions during the call."  

Nancy Jane Smith Life Coach and Psychotherapist