For Action-Oriented Service-Based Business Owners and Independent Professionals

"Nail Your Profitable Marketing Message In Just 90 Minutes With A Strategic Story Consultation"

You're a small business owner or independent professional. You're smart. You work hard. You deliver solutions. 

And now you've got a challenge as you market your business. Maybe you're launching a new program, rebranding for a new audience or seeking a stronger message. Maybe you've got ideas flowing but you need to translate them into compelling copy.  

You don't have time to listen to half a dozen webinars or fast-forward through hours of video training to find what you need. You want to ask a lot of questions, get customized answers and bounce half a dozen ideas off someone else's brain -- all at once, in one place.  

When you work with me, you partner with a professional who “gets” your business right away. You'll get new ideas and a stronger message. You'll discover how storytelling helps you gain a new perspective. You connect with a different part of your brain so you unlock more creative solutions. 

3 Ways A Story Consultation Will Be Profitable For Your Service Business 

(1) Gain a new business tool that will transform your marketing. 

You keep hearing the buzz about storytelling. But you've got a serious business. What kinds of stories do you tell and why?  

You've probably heard that storytelling is the most important skill for business owners today. Today's entrepreneurs, says Sir Richard Branson says, must also be storytellers.  

But you probably haven't been told what stories to tell and how to tell them. And that's going to vary depending on your business and your objectives. 

So you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your business with storytelling ... or following the wrong advice to "just tell a story." Stories can be powerful when it comes to getting clients...but the wrong story can be equally powerful in sending them away. 

When you walk away from the Story Consultation, you'll know the best ways to use stories for your business and your business goals. You'll know exactly what stories to tell. You'll know when and how tell them.  

(2) Nail your brand and your message. 

Lots of consultants talk about branding with story. But most of them share stories about consumer products marketed by big companies -- iconic names related to soft drinks, beer or computers. 

This consultation is based on the five story archetypes used by most successful service business owners. We'll find your archetype quickly -- sometimes as little as fifteen minutes. Then we blueprint a winning strategy customized to your business. We take the first steps to write content that engages your target audience. 

(3) Take the overwhelm factor out of content creation. 

Clients often think they need 3 months of coaching to strengthen their message so they can write high-converting website copy, develop a sales page or plan the most profitable marketing actions. 

We'll do this in one 90 minute call. Your story archetype takes the guesswork out of creating your content, so your writing time becomes more productive (whether you DIY or hire a pro). Your project will be so much closer to delivering revenue, leads and subscribers. 

The Story Consultation isn't something woo-woo or fanciful. It's not about fairy tales, bedtime stories or movie plots. It's about incorporating storytelling as a valuable tool into your marketing ... and discovering how quickly your story can transform your marketing. 

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.  

After years of working with service-based businesses as a copywriter and strategist, I realized something was missing. 

My clients knew they needed to tell their stories to establish their brand and connect with clients. But all the guidebooks talked about product branding, campfire stories, fairy tales and heroic journeys that involved slaying dragons and fighting demons. They weren't going on a voyage. They had businesses to run.  

cathy goodwin copywriting, storytelling for small business

As I worked with successful business owners, I found they tended to build their brands on stories they didn't find in the fairy tales. Their archetypes were unique to service businesses ... and they fell into five straightforward categories. Those who understood their archetype spent a lot less time marketing and more time enjoying their rewards.  

It even worked for me. I'd been attending a breakfast event for years, with lots of delicious blueberry muffins but no business results. Once I put this framework together, I tailored my marketing to my Educator archetype. Suddenly I began getting invitations to speak and serious queries about my services.  

The event didn't change. My story did.  

I'm excited to help you strengthen your message and create a compelling website, sales letter, or launch campign. Here's what to expect.

After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes).

You get prework to complete before the call, so we can hit the ground running. (Clients say the prework assignment is worth the price because you begin building clarity as soon as you begin the exercises.) 

Most consultations follow this 3-step format. We adapt to meet your specific needs and interests. 

  • We'll identify the story archetype that resonates with you and your market. You could be a Role Model, Celebrity, Innovator, Educator or Passionate Advocate (and maybe a combination or one of a kind). Warning: Finding your story archetype can release a powerful source of marketing energy. Some people say, "It's marketing ... but doesn't feel like marketing."  
  • Once you've identified your archetype, we'll work together to strengthen your message and clarify your promise, tailored to your unique business and your preferred style.  
  • We develop a blueprint for action steps that align with your message. Depending on where you are in your business, we focus on the big-picture strategy or the specific marketing materials you're looking to create.  

In the days and weeks following this session, you'll be surprised at how much more productive you will be. You'll find it easier to focus exactly on what you need to do...and if you're like other clients I've worked with, you'll actually feel excited to get going! 

You'll also enjoy two weeks of follow-up emails and bonuses to help you stay on track. 

This session may be free. If you decide you'd like me to write a Done For You sales letter or website, and sign up within 5 business days of our call, you can deduct the cost of this consultation. 

Each consultation includes prework, a 90 minute screen-share consultation, video recording, written summary and 2 weeks of email coaching follow-up. Alternatively, you can choose a 60-minute call and a 30-minute follow-up within the next 2 weeks. 

Currently - $250 for one consultation. Introductory Special: Buy two and the third is on me (if used within 60 days -- same price for 2 or 3 consultations).  

I want to use stories to get more clients! Schedule ONE session for $250.

copywriting and storytelling consultation

"Regained direction in my marketing and copywriting..."  

"I had made a big shift in my business: new offers, new way of marketing and a global audience. Some of my services were running great, others were lagging behind. Although I have a marketing background myself, I couldn't pinpoint what was going on. I felt lost in the desert.  

"Early in my call with Cathy, I realized which story archetype would be the fit for my brand. I loved the fact that Cathy managed to hit the nail on the head so quickly. I got an abundance of clear guidelines on how to make my copywriting fit my archetype and how to reframe my offers with simple changes.  

"The 2 weeks Q & A were an indispensable addition to the consultation. Some things need time to settle and it is nice to ask questions as they arise. The answers I received in these 2 weeks made my branding even better."

"I've regained direction in my marketing and copywriting, feel stronger in my offers and look forward to putting everything into practice! It's flowing again!"

Annie Massop, Money & TIme Healer 

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"So much value in one short call!"  

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.  

 "Just 60 minutes into our 90-minute call, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points.  

 "Cathy helped me think through my message so the words and the website support my purpose and express the value I deliver to my clients."  

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach