For Action-Oriented Service-Based Business Owners and Independent Professionals

"Nail Your Profitable Stand-Out Brand In Just 90 Minutes With A Story Consultation"

Are these scenarios a part of your story:

  • Wanting to differentiate yourself from your competitors -- you feel you're saying the same thing as everybody else and want to create something new  
  • Feeling you're confusing clients and attracting the "wrong" prospects because your message isn't clear or consistent  
  • Ready to move past over-analysis and over-thinking (so you move smoothly into purposeful action that brings results)  
  • Ready to share your message by telling stories (but you don't have a story and can't figure out where it fits into your business)  
  • Needing to translate a complicated narrative into a clear, simple message  

What if you could build a distinctive online presence, so you could make the big impact you need to attract your ideal clients ... while freeing up your time to focus on what you do best?

What if you could feel confident about sharing your message, knowing you connect to prospective clients with content that resonates strongly with their needs and motivates them to accept your offer? 

And what if you could easily create all the content you need to fill your funnel with qualified prospects? And even (dare we say this) actually enjoy your marketing (even if you absolutely hate to talk about yourself)?  

I can help you do this!  

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, storyteller and strategist. I'm known for helping entrepreneurial business owners like you find a way to strengthen your message so you become much more attractive to qualified prospects -- the ones who "get" what you do and are eager to work with you.  

If you're like most of my clients, you want to solve the problem of being too vanilla, and figure out "what's my thing," and stand out in an oversaturated info-overloaded world. But you can't stand anything that's fake or sleaze. You can't afford to be pushy. And frankly, you're more at home promoting your own clients than finding ways to write about yourself.  

You probably realize you can conquer all these challenges with storytelling. But you're not into "rags-to-riches" or "hero's journey." You (wisely) draw the line when you're advised to "go naked."  

You've also been around the block a time or two. So you know it's not easy to put the pieces together and craft a message that draws your ideal clients while remaining true to your vision, wisdom and integrity.  

Most business owners are simply too close to their own audiences and their own offers. They rarely see the story hiding in plain sight -- the quiet little story that could transform their business.  

And when you’re not clear on your brand or your message, you spend way too much time on content creation. Writing a sales letter or a website feels like climbing a mountain. Landing pages and lead magnets? They take forever.  

I’d like to work with you personally so you see stronger results, spend less time on your marketing and actually enjoy the things you sought when you started your business. And I'm convinced storytelling is the most powerful tool in your marketing kit -- but only if you know how to use it wisely.  

storytelling coaching client

"Finding a new story for my new business..."  

"I have a very successful business and was planning a new business targeting a higher-end audience.  

"My first business was based on my own experience and stories of 'how I got here' resonated well with my prospects. I knew I wanted to start the second business, but I wasn't sure if I'd be moving in a completely new direction or if I could combine the two.  

"I didn't have a story or message for my second business -- just a goal to help-mid career men and women in their fifties with transition and career change.  

"Cathy asked me a series of questions -- before and during the call -- that helped clarify my vision for the second business.  

"But the biggest reward was finding a new story for my new business, based on a composite of experiences with a client. Cathy suggested a way to tell the story that would appeal to my new clients, emphasizing how I could bring together my strengths as a mental health professional and business executive.  

"We also identified a unique niche for my business so I could differentiate myself from other coaches targeting the same demographic -- opening up an exciting set of possibilities and guidelines to develop my brand and my content. My own mindset shifted! I couldn't wait to get started working on the story and developing the marketing materials for my business."  

Anneke Krakers, 

Introducing the Story Consultation  

The Story Consultation helps you apply a straightforward, proven story-based framework that you won't find anywhere else. Over the years I've been developing this approach, I've seen one client after another experience "aha" moments that lead to a complete transformation of their content...and often of their entire approach to marketing.  

It's like trying to untie a big knot. You pull one string and everything comes loose. You give a big sigh of relief. You're free! Clients actually get so excited they say, "I can't wait to get off this phone and start working on my story!"  

Storytelling pulls the string -- but only if you tell the right stories for your business and your preferred style of marketing.  

We'll do this in one 90-minute call. Bring your most troublesome project -- the one that's keeping you up at night and giving you headaches during the day. Or bring your frustrations with creating your brand, message, or direction. If you're like most of my clients, you'll enjoy at least one major "aha!" moment during the call ... and you'll walk away with a blueprint for action and a story you'll be proud to share. 

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.  

After years of working with service-based businesses as a copywriter and strategist, I realized something was missing. 

My clients knew they needed to tell their stories to establish their brand and connect with clients. But all the guidebooks talked about product branding, campfire stories, fairy tales and heroic journeys that involved slaying dragons and fighting demons. They weren't going on a voyage. They had businesses to run.  

cathy goodwin copywriting, storytelling for small business

As I worked with successful business owners, I found they tended to build their brands on stories they didn't find in the fairy tales. Their archetypes were unique to service businesses ... and they fell into five straightforward categories. Those who understood their archetype spent a lot less time marketing and more time enjoying their rewards.  

It even worked for me. I'd been attending a breakfast event for years, with lots of delicious blueberry muffins but no business results. Once I put this framework together, I tailored my marketing to my Educator archetype. Suddenly I began getting invitations to speak and serious queries about my services.  

The event didn't change. My story did.  

The Story Consultation helps you strengthen your message and create a compelling website, sales letter, or launch campign. Here's what to expect.

After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes).

You get prework to complete before the call, so we can hit the ground running. (Clients say the prework assignment is worth the price because you begin building clarity immediately.) 

Most consultations follow this 3-step format. We adapt to meet your specific needs and interests, but generally we work together to...

  • identify the story archetype (a/k/a persona or pattern) that resonates with you and your audience. Warning: Finding your story archetype can release a powerful surge of marketing energy. Some people say, "It's marketing ... but doesn't feel like marketing."  
  • strengthen your message and clarify your promise, tailored to your unique business and your preferred style.  
  • develop a series of action steps that align with your message. Depending on where you are in your business, we focus on big-picture strategy or the specific marketing materials you're looking to create.  

In the days and weeks following this session, you'll be surprised at how much more productive you will be. You'll find it easier to focus exactly on what you need to do...and if you're like other clients I've worked with, you'll actually feel excited to get going! 

You'll also enjoy two weeks of follow-up emails and bonuses to help you stay on track. Few other consultants offer you this opportunity to ask the questions that came up (along with the ones you forgot to ask). 

This session may be free. If you decide you'd like me to write a Done For You sales letter or website, and sign up within 5 business days of our call, you can deduct the cost of this consultation. 

sue ann dunlevie blogging copywriting

"Not your typical branding consultation ..."  

"Originally I set up a call because I was working on a sales letter for a new program. It wasn't coming together and I wanted to get this program in front of my audience quickly.

"Within 3 minutes, Cathy figured out my story archetype. I was totally stunned and amazed. I've been to two branding coaches, and they took several calls to tell me what colors to use!  

"I learned so much from Cathy. In our 90-minute call. She saved me weeks and months of figuring out my brand. But even better, now I know how to get my brand known to my readers and potential clients. I know what stories to use and how to create content to strengthen my brand. 

"My sales letter was so much easier to write. Cathy even gave me some copywriting tips to help! Not your typical branding consultation."  

Sue Ann Dunlevie, 

Each consultation includes prework, a 90-minute screen-share one-to-one consultation, video recording, written summary and 2 weeks of email coaching follow-up. 

Take a test drive! If it's your FIRST one-to-one consultation with me, you get to test-drive for the first 30 minutes of the call. Then we'll do a check-in. Not getting what you came for? We'll hang up, erase the recording, give you a refund and part friends. No hassles, no hard feelings.  

Currently - $250 for one consultation. Introductory Special: Buy two and the third is on me (if used within 60 days -- same price for 2 or 3 consultations).  

I want to use stories to get more clients! Schedule ONE session for $250.

copywriting and storytelling consultation

"Regained direction in my marketing and copywriting..."  

"I had made a big shift in my business: new offers, new way of marketing and a global audience. Some of my services were running great, others were lagging behind. Although I have a marketing background myself, I couldn't pinpoint what was going on. I felt lost in the desert.  

"Early in my call with Cathy, I realized which story archetype would be the fit for my brand. I loved the fact that Cathy managed to hit the nail on the head so quickly. I got an abundance of clear guidelines on how to make my copywriting fit my archetype and how to reframe my offers with simple changes.  

"The 2 weeks Q & A were an indispensable addition to the consultation. Some things need time to settle and it is nice to ask questions as they arise. The answers I received in these 2 weeks made my branding even better."

"I've regained direction in my marketing and copywriting, feel stronger in my offers and look forward to putting everything into practice! It's flowing again!"

Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer