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For Action-Oriented Business Owners, Independent Professionals, and Solo-Preneurs ...

 “The FIRST STEP To A High-Converting Sales Letter, Website, Autoresponder Sequence or Landing Page”

Claim Your 90-Minute Diagnostic Consultation

  Are you ... 

... updating your website (or starting a new one) and you want to create an effective marketing asset that delivers clients and money 24/7?  

... launching a new product or program and you need to create a compelling sales letter (and maybe autoresponders, follow-ups, affiliate copy and more)?  

... facing a deadline for a game-changing opportunity and you can't afford to spend time writing and revising your contente (even if you’ve always been an avid DIYer)?  

If you answered “yes” to at least one question, I’m here to help you. Here’s how we work together:  

Step 1: We set up a time for a Copywriting Diagnostic, customized to your business and your needs.  

You get …  

... complete specifications, project description, options, opportunities and costs to bring me on board to write copy and implement your project with the help of my virtual team  

... guidelines for “next steps” whether we begin working together, you take further action to get ready or you locate another resource to complete your project  

... strategies to get maximum results from your project so you gain as much benefit as possible.  

Best of all … it’s yours. You can take my recommendations and run with them as a DIY. You can hire any copywriter, designer or developer on the planet. Or you can hire me within 5 business days and deduct your entire cost for this Diagnostic.  

“I just want copywriting! Why can’t you just start putting the words together?”  

Before writing even one sentence, I need to learn about your business and your project. I need to learn your story (even if you don’t think you have one). I’ll need to go over your notes, drafts, and background materials.You need to get a sense of what the final product will look like.  

“How are these benefits delivered?”  

We have one phone consultation (90 minutes) No need to take notes: you get a recording of the call You get a short report summarizing recommendations You get 2 weeks of email consulting after the call (because new questions often arise as you think about the project)  

“Will your Diagnostic apply to my industry?”  

I specialize in service businesses, information products and independent professionals. I do not work with nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, or weight loss supplements. If you’re not sure whether there’s a fit, complete my contact form with a brief description of your service and/or a URL to your website.  

You benefit from my experience across industries. Often a marketing tactic in one industry will be not only applicable but unexpectedly lucrative in another…and you avoid the me-too, cookie-cutter style that blends you into your horde of competitors.  

“OK, Cathy, I’m in! What’s my investment?”  

First, your Diagnostic will be rolled over to your copywriting project when you sign up within 5 days.  

Additionally, this Diagnostic saves you many hours of strategizing, creating and writing. Most business owners probably need 10-20 hours to do this on your own. We’ll get it one in 90 minutes.  

You use the time you save to earn revenue from clients. And you’d pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to most marketing coaches to get the strategy we condense into one program. 

You’ll discover how to save money on web design and development, usually hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars And that’s not even getting into the hassle factor.  

Finally, getting just one new revenue-generating idea … priceless!  

So if you’re delivering high-quality service, the decision should be a no-brainer. Your Diagnostic Consultation runs just $250.  

“Can I really get this Consultation for free?”  

When you hire me within 5 business days after our call for a web site development, sales letter project, or long term coaching/consulting program, you can deduct this investment from your total project package. (The 5 day requirement is very firm because I will still have our call fresh in my mind within 10 days. Besides, you’ll benefit most when you don’t waste time getting started.)

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.  

For over a decade I've been helping small business owners and independent professionals attract clients, whether they're starting out or starting over. Once you discover the power you get from a one-to-one sesson, you'll wonder why you EVER wasted time trying to figure things out on your own ... or why you wasted money hiring more help than you actually need.  

When I first started out on the Internet, I was so terrified of sounding sales-y I went to the other extreme. My promotions were so timid, my prospects thought I was talking them out of buying. When I studied copywriting, I found straightforward ways to strengthen my message and share my value ... and my prospects began to take me seriously and sign up to become clients. 

Today I work with coaches, consultants, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to combine professionalism with promotion. They want to turn visitors into prospects. They want to turn prospects into delightful, delighted clients.  

And they're busy. When they're stuck, they don't want to waste time. They want a get-it-done, no-nonsense consultation so they can finish what they working on, get results, and move on to the next big thing. 

cathy goodwin copywriting, storytelling for small business

Start getting results immediately with this 90-minute consultation As easy as 1-2-3:  

(1) After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes). 

(2) You send me anything you would like me to read before the call. I'll read anything that arrives up to 24 hours before the call. 

(3) After the consultation, you'll get the recording and some notes. You also get 2 weeks of unlimited email Q&A with me. If I don't hear from you in a week or so, I'll send a follow-up email to see how you're doing.  

 If you decide you'd like me to write a Done For You sales letter or website, sign up within 5 business days of our call and deduct the cost of this consultation.  

Here's what you can expect when we get together:  

Most sessions are structured in conversational "look over my shoulder" style, working with screen-sharing software. Some clients prefer to ask a series of questions. We don't do a lot of small talk or fluff; this is a working session. You may experience a dash of my irreverent East Coast style of humor. You will almost certainly experience 2 or 3 "aha" moments.  

We begin with your goals and desired outcome for the session. Before the call, I'll review whatever you sent, so we hit the ground running. We dig deeply into the details. I’ll share my insights and give you customized action steps to move forward and achieve the results you are seeking.  

Currently - $250 for one consultation. Introductory Special: Buy two and the third is on me (if used within 60 days -- same price for 2 or 3 consultations).  

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"So much value in one short call!"  

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.  

 "Just 60 minutes into our 90-minute call, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points.  

 "Cathy helped me think through my message so the words and the website support my purpose and express the value I deliver to my clients."  

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach