"Behind Every Successful Small Business Is A Story...But Not Just Any Story." 

Strategic Storytelling For Small Business Marketing And Services Marketing by Cathy Goodwin

Discover the 17 surprising ways small business owners, solo-preneurs and independent professionals leverage story to reach their goals ... so you can too.

Is this you?

"Tired of living with a website that's not delivering clients (or busily delivering the wrong clients)."

"Trouble putting myself out there (even though I'm really good at what I do)."

"Ready to claim my go-to brand as a professional (without being cutesy or cookie-cutter)."

"Wanting to be recognized (and paid) for my expertise and experience."

"Determined to replace stuffy me-too content with copy that grabs attention and converts (but no clickbait please - we're pros!)."

What's missing in each scenario is the story you need to connect with your ideal clients and ignite their desire ... but not just any story: definitely not a fairy story, a rags-to-riches story or a even a "conquering hero" story. 

What's needed is the right story: your very own unique story that supports your mission -- a story that engages your audience, guides you to make wise decisions and helps you understand what your clients want. 

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I work with small business owners, solo-preneurs and independent professionals to help them win more high paying clients, stand out from the crowd and make a real impact in the world ... with strong, clear messaging and high converting copy. Get ready to discover what's hiding behind the curtain of the most successful small businesses -- how story-centered marketing can simplify, smooth and accelerate your strategy.  

3 Ways To Craft Your Story For More Clients, More Success, and Just Plain More Fun In Your Marketing 

Stand Out With Your Brand Story

This powerful 90-minute consultation helps you find the story that will impact and inspire your ideal clients. Strengthen your message to differentiate your services, shine in the spotlight, and speak directly to your ideal clients. A powerful, action-oriented one-to-one consultation.

Fast Track Your Story To Get Results  

Copywriting to attract clients and generate leads -- with a conversational, professional style. Increase your conversion rate whether you write your own or choose a Done For You option. 

Hone Your Storytelling Chops

Choose from these easy-access online training programs to build your storytelling and copywriting skills... the essential tools to grow your business on your own terms.  

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I’m Cathy Goodwin, and I've been a copywriter/consultant for over a decade. 

Many people will help you tell a better story. I'm here to help you use storytelling to get build a better business . 

Storytelling for business isn't the same as storytelling for campfire stories or fairytales. That's why Cinderella makes a great movie but a lousy marketing story.

Get started with my book, Grow Your Business One Story At A Time. Click here to order through Amazon.

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