For small business owners who know they'll earn significant revenue from ONE BIG PROJECT .. if they could just find a way to get it done. 

"Now you can create your program, finish your book, or complete your website makeover while managing a full client load ... feeling organized, on top of things and free from overwhelm"

In a small city, working out of a home office, a small business owner named Sheila was closing out another busy day. She'd scheduled back-to-back clients, sent an email to her list and outlined her next webinar. 

She was doing well, but one thought kept her from feeling satisfied. 

"If I could just turn my coaching expertise into a course," she sighed, "I know I'd bring in another $50K in revenue this year...on top of what I'm doing now. I've got to narrow down my topic to attract my ideal group. And I've got to create engaging, fun content that makes them eager to take action and stick with it.  

"But who's got enough time to organize everything and work through the learning curves of all the various programs and platforms ... not to mention the writing piece." 

Meanwhile, in another part of town, a corporate executive named Jim was up late, building up his fledgling business as a side hustle. "How can I make time to do everything while working a demanding job?" he fumed. "My problem is finding focused time to finish my website, complete my book and feel organized. As soon as I make any progress, I keep getting stuck on something new I need to learn."  

And in a coworking space across the country, a professional organizer named Cindy wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad. "I've finally finished my Signature Program and I'm ready to celebrate! 

"But now I'm looking to launch. That means writing a ton of content -- landing pages, video scripts, autoresponders, and that One Big Sales Letter. I haven't written this stuff in years! I need to find just the right words to attract my ideal client . I could dig through my notes from the home study course I took last year, which will take forever. Or I could hire a copywriter, which will stretch my budget. 

Each business owner faced one big project that felt like climbing Mt Everest. Something that would be exhausting, requiring months of preparation, a lot of unfamiliar equipment, and a very steep learning curve. And something that would bring in as much as $50K in revenue. 

 If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, you're the perfect candidate for the Get It Done program. In just 90 days, you move from having nothing to having this thing built and generating revenue ... for a fraction of what you'd pay a team to do it for you.

 I'm Cathy Goodwin. 

For over ten years, I've been helping small business owners turn their ideas into marketable projects, develop compelling materials to promote them, and build out the copy for a successful launch. 

I can help you finish your project and implement a plan to reach your sales goals. You'll accelerate your completion date with this unique combination of copy coaching, marketing support and all around "I've got your back" availability so you can finally get this project off the back burner and onto your offer list. 

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Introducing The 90-Day Get It Done Implementation Intensive: When You're One Project Away From Meeting Your Revenue Goals

Many business owners get so overwhelmed by the learning curve, they've made zero progress at the end of 90 days. They feel guilty and embarrassed. 

But there's no need to feel project shame and certainly no need to keep putting off a project that's likely to reward your bottom line. It took me a lot longer than 90 days to learn how to do this ... and now I've done it so often, I've got shortcuts, tips and access to resources most people never heard of. "Borrow my experience and own your success!" 

Here's what you can expect when you sign up:  

  • 9 one-to-one screen-share sessions for strategizing, brainstorming, copy coaching, and/or feedback... and each one moves you closer to completing your big project (or 2 small ones if you prefer).
  • Coaching to create conversational, high-converting sales copy for your website, sales letters and landing pages)
  • Access to an time-saving tool box of resources, swipe files, tips, templates and strategies that you normally get only if you're a full-time copywriter
  • Help when you hit a snag or feel stuck (so you're not wasting time digging through your old home study course notes or searching through Craigslist to find what you need)  
  • More time in your busy schedule, because you lose the long learning curve and you benefit from my "been there, done that" experience  

Best of all... You develop skills and resources so your next project will be much, much easier to implement. If you like being hands-on, you'll love this program. 

We do all this in 9 45-minute one-to-one, 100% customized consulting sessions, by phone or shared screen software, over 90 days. You can supplement your phone sessions with email Q&A for the entire time. Before each call, I review your materials so we hit the ground running. 

"Sounds good...but what if I decide to forget DIY and turn the whole thing over to you?" No problem! We credit a portion your payment to the new project, depending on how far we've come .  

"I'm ready to complete my project in 90 days!" 


"What kinds of projects could we work on?"

Typical projects include implementing your website makever, creating an online course, finally finishing your 7-step signature program, developing and implementing a content strategy, discovering how to find and tell "your stories," building your copywriting skills, or any other goal... it's up to you. You can even choose 2 shorter projects if you like.  

"Are you kidding me? Just 90 days to do this?" 

In most cases, yes. When you've got a big project, a HUGE amount of time gets spent on your learning curve.  

When you work with me, you won't spend hours searching online to get that one missing piece of the puzzle (especially if you're not sure what's missing). You won't waste time doing things "everybody" says will work.  

Chances are I've done this a hundred times -- for myself or for my clients. You'll accomplish in 90 days what you might need 6 months -- even a year -- to do on your own.  

"I really hate asking for help. It's my business. I should be able to do this alone."

I'm the same way. I get it. So I've set up this program so you won't be dependent on me (or anyone else) forever. You'll speed up the "first time learning curve" and next time you'll be a pro and a veteran. (Of course you might get a little spoiled by the support and want to work with me again, next time around. I love when that happens.)

"Why not just join a mastermind group?"

Masterminds are awesome. I've been in several. You'll get coaching in five-minute increments, an occasional "hot seat" and one-line answers in a public forum. They're not designed to give you the continuity you need to work through a big project. 

"Who should NOT sign up?"

This program will be most beneficial if you have identified your market and have a pretty good idea of what they will pay for. Alternatively, you will benefit if you're looking for ongoing support in an earlier stage of your business and you want to focus on implementation or develop your copywriting skills. 

If you're in a more exploratory stage, consider my Comprehensive Consultation "one and done" sessions. 

"What's the cost?" 

Because this program is new, it's just $1250 (or 2 payments of $650) for THREE MONTHS. 

By comparison, hiring me to write just one sales letter starts at $2500. A simple website makeover starts around $1500 for a limited number of pages. And when you work with me as your copy coach, you gain the knowledge as well as the completed project.  

You'll start earning money sooner. If you've got a solid program that delivers value to your current market, you'll most likely earn back the cost (and more) with just one new client or the first wave of a new product launch. What's the cost of delaying six months, a year or more? 

And if you pay yourself $100 an hour and save 20 hours ... your family, your bank account and your business will all be happier. 

Bonuses include a follow-up 30-minute call, 90 days after you complete the program. You'll get free access to any of my Udemy courses. And you may get a surprise bonus, customized to your project. 

"Can I ask more questions about the program?" Sure! Send me a message here.