Copywriting Done For You

Solo-preneurs and service businesses can outgrow websites and need website development services.

Is this you:

... you're a solo-preneur, independent professional or owner of a small business

... looking for a copywriter to write a high-converting website, sales letter, lead magnet, blog post series, or email marketing campaign 

... seeking a persuasive message that inspires and motivates your clients – but no high-pressure tactics, fear-mongering or cookie-cutter content 

... you want copy that's conversational (and you'd like to grow your business with storytelling)

... you want copy that's in line with your business values -- you're a strong advocate for your clients and you support them respectfully  

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., and I work with a limited number of copywriting clients each year. My schedule fills up quickly. I try to accommodate rush projects but that's not always possible. Let's get started! 

"I'm ready to take action!"

"I need a sales letter, a handful of email marketing messages, a white paper or special project. I have a pretty good idea of what I need. I want to start within the next 30 days and I have a ballpark budget number."

If you're at this stage, your next step is to go here and complete the form to set up a 20-minute complimentary Breakthrough Session. We'll talk about what you need and develop a customized plan.  

"I need a website!"

"I'm a service professional who needs a new website or a website makeover. And I don't want to write it myself. I want to get it done quickly, and don't want to spend out my bank account to make it happen." 

If you're at this stage, please visit this page to discover your options. 

"I'm in the exploratory stage!"

"I haven't fully defined the project yet. I don't have a budget. I would like to know how you could help my business accomplish our objective. 

"I need to figure out my next steps, strengthen our company's message, find our story, and decide how to get this next project done."

If you're at this stage, your next step is to set up a Power Hour consultation. You'll get help in mapping out a new direction: no selling and no fluff. 90 solid minutes of consultation with email follow-up. 

"None of the above! I'm writing my own copy. I'm looking for detailed feedback and maybe some coaching."  

 Sure thing! Just click here to get started. 

Why should you hire me -- Cathy Goodwin?

I've been working with copywriting clients for over a decade. My superpower is helping you figure out why you're unique so you can create a compelling message and stand out from the competition. Because of my background in business and business schools, I'm familiar with a wide range of industries. I'm trained to combine analytics with creativity, so you'll get targeted, conversational copy flavored with storytelling. 

Unlike many copywriters, I know HTML/CSS - the building blocks of websites - and Photoshop, the primary web design tool. When we work together, you get an advocate who can negotiate wth designers and developers in their own language.

Before coming online, I was a marketing professor and researcher (hence the PhD). I I live in Philadelphia with 2 mixed-breed, temperamental cats and an easygoing rescue mutt. I work with clients all over the world. My business is 99% virtual.