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I'm Cathy Goodwin and I've been writing copy for over a decade, specializing in service-based businesses. 

Many of my clients could write their own copy if they wanted to. 

But it would take longer. They're too close to the project. And frankly, they'd rather be doing something else. They're 10X more effective when they outsource their writing and get professional guidance for their DIY. 

Other clients have never written their own copy and have no interest in doing it now. They're 10X more productive because they do only what they know and enjoy. 

When we work together, we nail the message that resonates with you and your ideal clients. We turn your story into a brand that becomes the foundation of your marketing. Your copy differentiates you from the competition, positions you as an expert and draws exactly the kind of clients you want to work with.  

Sell A Program Or Digital Product With Professional Copy 

"I need a sales letter, a handful of email marketing messages, a white paper and/or special project. I want to get more conversions from my traffic (and use keywords to get more traffic)."

Get More Leads From Your Website

"I'm a service professional who needs a new website or a website makeover. I want to strengthen my message, tell my story and start getting leads and clients right away." 

Get More Results From The Copy You Already Have

"I've got the copy -- written by me or someone else. I want to get more results from this copy without going to copywriting school. I'm interested in coaching, editing or a video review."  

Two Ways To Get Started 

Sign up for a Story Consultation. We'll map out your strategy and identify exactly what you need. If you sign up for copywriting within 5 days, your cost will be deducted. 

If you want to strengthen your existing website or sales letter, this one session might be all you need. If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, you'll gain clarity so you can move forward with confidence. And if you know what you need and you need to meet a deadline, we'll jump right in and get the job done. 

Complete this contact form. Make it your Dream Sheet. What do you need and when? Would you like an ongoing partnership or a one-time project? Do you need copywriting or would you like me to work with the copy you already have? Do you have a budget?

I'll get back to you promptly with customized information. We'll figure out the best way for us to work together, considering your project start date and scope. And we'll take it from there. 

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Why should you hire me -- Cathy Goodwin?

I've been working with copywriting clients for over a decade. My superpower is helping you figure out your story archetype so you easily figure out what, where and how to market your business and create high-impact content.  

Before coming online, I was a marketing professor and researcher (hence the PhD). I I live in Philadelphia with 2 mixed-breed, temperamental cats and an easygoing rescue mutt. I work with clients all over the world. My business is 99% virtual. 

Yes! I want copy that attracts clients!