Build your copywriting skills by telling stories with a special copywriting bundle.

If you're a service-based business owner with an online presence, you know you need copywriting.

But you don't want to hire a copywriter every time you need to write something... and you certainly don't want to take the time to become a copywriter yourself.

And you don't want to spend hours on a course learning all kinds of wordsmithing techniques. They don't work for you anyway.

Introducing: Copywriting For Non-Copywriters: The Story-Based Method For Attracting Clients Who Are Eager To Work With You

This course is different from other copywriting courses because ...

... you'll learn my story-based copywriting method, which helps you translate your client's fears, doubts,e and frustrations into persuasive copy that makes it easier for them to say "yes"

...this course targets business owners who want to write for themselves, not copywriters who write for others. This course helps you become your own best client.

... you'll also discover how to embrace the copywriting mindset, so your copy flows intuitively and your productivity soars (without pulling all-nighters to meet those deadlines)

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Introducing: Write Your High-Selling Headline By Telling Stories

Most. training on headlines focuses on one small part - wordsmithing your idea. You'll get lots of templates and "power words."

This course shows you how to tell your story, send a clear message, and reinforce your brand with your headline. It's like o other training out there (at least none I've seen).

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You need both these courses.

You need the copywriting part to send a strong message. But without a strong headline, you might as well not bother writing the copy.

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