Use Storytelling To Write Copy That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

This course is for you if...

  • you own a small, service-based business;
  • you want to attract ideal clients with your copywriting;
  • you don't want to become a copywriter;
  • you want to DIY at least for the first draft (without pulling all-nighters);
  • you want to be as productive as possible (more revenue in less time);
  • you want to use stories as part of your marketing strategy.

Introducing Copywriting With Stories:

Make your marketing more productive and enjoy the journey!

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been in the trenches, writing copy for over a dozen years. I've taught dozens of clients how to write stronger copy.

More and more, my clients want to write their own copy but they don't want to become copywriters. They want to use storytelling, but they don't want to lose professionalism or bare their soul. And they're very, very busy.

Storytelling makes your marketing easier. And frankly, it's more fun!

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Here's what you'll learn: everything you need and only what you need. No fluff.

entrepreneurship and small business marketing

Module 1: Discover how story-based copywriting can help you get more clients (and it's easier to write, too).

In this module, you'll discover the 5 components of SMART storytelling so you generate qualified leads. Take your first steps to develop the client connection mindset that's essential to writing high-converting copy.

entrepreneurship and small business copywriting

Module 2: Promote Lucrative Offers With Copywriting So Strong, Your Competitors Will Wonder How You Could Afford To Hire A Pro

Go behind the scenes to discover the tools to create promotions that make prospects say, "I want that for me!"

Discover why copywriters say, "Blame it on the headline" and get some tips to grab the attention of the most jaded readers

You'll also learn how a few subtle copywriting changes can build trust with "cold" audiences and melt their resistance.

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Module 3: Draft A Sales Letter That Melts Resistance and Gets Qualified Prospects To Give You An Enthusiastic "Yes!"

Discover how understanding your client's backstory helps you craft copy that converts, without resorting to slick tricks or showboating.

Learn how to recognize hidden objections and proactively respond. You will also learn how to use your sales letter as a compass to guide you to offers that will delight your prospects (and avoid the marketing misfires that derail your success.

entrepreneurship and small business copywriting

Module 4: Become Your Own Copy Coach With These Little-Known Strategies To Polish Your Copy (And Recognize When It's Time To Stop And Sell)

Copywriters spend more time revising and polishing their copy than writing the first draft. Get a formula (and checklist) to help you find that magic moment between overthinking and quitting too soon.

Discover how to apply your salesletter techniques to write landing pages, websites, and yes, even blog posts.

Beat writer's block by learning why professional copywriters never start with a blank page (and you don't have to either).

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Recordings of each session and copies of slides, because you'll get new insights into the material as you continue to practice.

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