How to write a compelling headline by telling a story.

A 5-Step Story-Based Process To Write A Headline That Attracts Your Ideal Clients (Even Though You Are Not A Copywriter)

About 70% of the prospects who come to your sales page will never get past the headline.

You probably know that stories capture interest like no other part of your content. So that means you've got to start with your story BEFORE you write your headline.

Just one catch. Headlines are very hard to write, even for pro copywriters.

Just one secret. headlines are much easier to write when you start with your story.

Most business owners put their headlines on backward.

We're encouraged to download templates of headlines ("how to" versus the "who else will"). We get prompted to look for pop culture references and maybe even a few words you can't say in front of your kids.

.I used to teach this too...until I realized I don't work this way with my one-to-one clients. We spend more time working on the story behind the headline than choosing a template. We skip the pop culture and the clever language. And we finish with high-converting headlines (and even juicier copy on the rest of the page).

You no longer need to become a one-to-one client to benefit from this process. It's not cheap and you probably don't need it. I created this affordable training for entrepreneurs who want to DIY their own copy (or give their hired gun copywriter a head start).

Introducing "Write Your Headline By Telling Stories"

Storytelling can turn a handful of words sitting on top of the page into a headline that telegraphs your message and resonates with your targeted prospects.

In this 5 module course, you'll discover the story you need to write a headline for your next project, program, lead magnet (and even your blog post).

Here's What You'll Get

  • Module 1: Clarify what's going on inside your client's mind as they read your headline.

    Anticipate the context you're providing. Discover how your audience reads between the lines and looks for your story, so you respond directly to their problems, pains, and just plain curiosity-seeking.
  • Module 2: Identify the story that will promote your offer AND build your brand at the same time.

    Choose a story that reaches prospects where they are AND supports your branding. You enter the conversation in their minds and appear to them as a trustworthy guide.
  • Module 3: Draft a placeholder "This is what I want to say" headline.

    This step often gets shortened or skipped entirely...but it's the key to making your copywriting get attention. Discover two "go to" proven strategies to jumpstart your process and over come writers block (which can be especially challenging for headlines).
  • Module 4: Get creative: enjoy the fun part of wordsmithing.

    Put attention-getting words around your idea. Review your templates: do they make sense for your audience and your archetype? How can you use an automated headline generator?
  • Module 5: Apply this checklist: Is your headline as good as it can be?
  • Module 6: BONUS: Intro to 2 kinds of openings so they'll keep reading after your deadline. .
  • Module 7: BONUS: Use your headlines for writing button copy.
  • INTRODUCTORY BONUS: FREE video laser coaching on your new project with your new headline: Claim up to 30 days after purchase.
  • BONUS: FREE Course on writing bullet points

If you have a product your market is hungry for, you wrote strong copy, and you wonder why they're not buying... this course is for you.

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been writing copy and coaching business owners like you to write copy.

Over the years, I've discovered that clients struggle more with writing headlines than with any other part of copy. This workshop will make the process easier, more profitable and definitely more fun.

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