Strategic Copywriting To Grow Your Business, Get More Clients And Find Time To Enjoy The Journey

I work with service-based businesses who need a robust, polished online presence to increase their sales. They need strategic copywriting for websites, sales letters, landing pages, lead magnets, white papers, ebooks, ghostwritten books, and case studies. Some hire me and some are DIY. I also offer strategic consultations to find your story and strengthen your message.  

I've worked with a variety of services and industries. Recently I've been getting more requests for financial, real estate, bookkeeping, money coaching, and other financial advisory businesses. I use those services myself. I'm aware that a really bad provider can do a lot of harm while a really good one can totally transform people's lives.  

All too many of the "good ones" will never get found because they're using standard industry (i.e., boring) copy. They're afraid of sounding sleazy or sales-y so they go to the other extreme...and nobody hears them.

The trut is, you don't have to wince at loud copy that could be written by Tony Soprano. You don't have to settle for sweet, unpersuasive Miss Congeniality copy. My storytelling method helps you build a profitable, professional online presence you can be proud of. 

As my clients like to say, "It doesn't feel like marketing!"  

  • If you'd like to explore the ways we might work together, send me a message. We'll work out the details by an email exchange or a 15-minute phone call.  
  • OR if you'd like to get started right away, check out the risk-free Story Consultation. 

About Cathy Goodwin

cathy goodwin: copywriting, storytelling and digi

As a copywriter and strategist, I've spent the last ten years helping clients grow their businesses with strong copy, a distinctive brand and a story that sells.  

As a former college professor, I'm often asked to transform complex concepts into conversational copy. And I totally understand the need to balance professionalism with persuasion when creating your marketig materials. 

Let's see how we might work together! Complete this application to set up a short phone call or send me a message.. We'll have a quck phone call or email exchange to explore the best ways we can work together to help you reach your marketing goals. 

What Others Say

"Cathy has a knack of getting right to the point of what we need to do to get more results from our marketing, whether it's message, copy or even design and layout.  

"We've worked with different copywriters and keep coming back to Cathy. We'd recommend her to anyone."  

-- Alina Frank,

"I had just launched a new business and knew I needed a new story and message.  

"In just 90 minutes, Cathy helped me find the perfect story to reach my new audience, combining my strengths as health professional and business executive."  

-- Anneke Krakers, Results-Oriented Coaching