Let the branding begin!  

 "From Story To Standout: A New Method To Brand Your Small, Service-Based Business"  

This one's for you if you're a small business, entrepreneur, solo-preneur or independent professional. 

You might be starting a new business ... looking for an identity, a story and a way to stand out in an overcrowded world. 

Or you might be a seasoned business owner who's plateaued. You want to breathe new life into your business, find new stories, and gain new energy. 

The solution is in your brand.

But when you look up the branding guides, they're talking about big name products -- beer, computers, cola drinks, and dog food. You're a small service business. Their advice won't work for you.  

Or you look up small business guides and it's all about logo, slogan and colors. 

Or you get advice to share your pain and be vulnerable. "How personal should I be?" you ask. (I'll give you a hint: not that personal.)

The truth is, branding is different when the brand is YOU. 

I've developed a framework to guide you through finding your business persona, by finding the story archetype that fits who you are. 

When you understand your archetype, you'll easily create a roadmap to write your copy, find your story and appeal to clients who are a good fit for you and your business. 

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I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, strategist, and storyteller. I've been up and down the branding highway for over a decade, mostly getting lost. Finally I found the roadmap that helps you answer the "who am I" question and makes marketing infinitely easier.  

It all starts with your story...a very special kind of story. Download this workbook and discover how to brand your small service-based business.  

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What's Your Business Story?  

"I need to get more clarity on my brand, strengthen my message, and find my story."  

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Business storytelling isn't a Cinderella story, a campfire story ... and definitely NOT a bedtime story. 

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