"Why isn't my website bringing in more clients?" 

  • Are prospective clients visiting your website but not contacting you or buying? 
  • Have you been putting off a website makeover because you aren't sure what needs to change on your existing site? 
  • Do you feel good about your web design but realize you need stronger copy (and you're not ready to hire a copywriter or become one)?
  • Do you need a stronger, clearer marketing message -so people respect and remember you for all the right reasons? 
  • Do you wish your website communicated personality, enthusiasm and energy -- but frankly it just doesn't have the spark you bring to your clients in person?  

If you resonate with any of those scenarios, you'll benefit from a Website Profit Power Consultation.  

I'm Cathy Goodwin, and I've been online for over a decade. As a pro copywriter, I know what motivates website visitors to take action, whether it's signing up for your lead magnet, requesting a get-acquainted call, or buying your offers. 

And as a storytelling pro, I help you get a website that engages your clients, captures your style and lets you strut your stuff -- being completely professional and sleaze-free, of course. 

The best part is, you don't have to pay full price for a complete website Done-For-You makeover package. You get a complete understanding of what's needed, a set of action steps, tips to make it happen, follow-up support ... and even a bit of copy coaching thrown in for free. 

You have only one chance to make that critical first impression. You have only one chance to show why you're different from the competition. You have just one chance to tell your story to your best prospects.  

So let's work together to make sure your website takes full advantage of that one chance to get prospects to say "yes."

Here's how your business will benefit from a Website Profit Power Consultation. 

You don't just get a big-picture perspective of "what's going on here." You also get detailed reviews of each page, with specific recommendations for ... 

... setting up navigation (because the way a visitor moves through your site can impact her decision to sign up with you)  

... strengthening your message (so clients know who you are, what you stand for and why you're special)

... copywriting and content strategy (sometimes a few wordsmithing tweaks can deliver big changes)

... page-by-page analysis to identify missed opportunities, revenue leaks -- and areas where you're doing great and could expand even more

You'll derive special benefit from the Website Profit Power consultation when...

  •  you’ve just launched your brand-new website and want to maximize lead generation and sales
  • you’re pivoting to a new market or re-branding your business 
  • you need expert help but don’t have the budget for a full copywriting project just yet 
  • you suspect your website could be 10X more productive but you're not sure where to start 

Why wait? Many business owners see immediate results after they implement just a few changes.  

How Your Website Review Consultation Works 

Step 1

After you pay, send me the URL to your website and any questions or additional information you have. I may send you a list of questions as well. We will set up an appointment for a screen-sharing consultation - 60-90 minutes. That session allows me to get details about your business and your goals for your website. 

Step 2

Watch your inbox for a link to your video report -- within 10 business days.It's yours to keep! Listen as often as you like. You also get a written report (usually 4 to 6 pages) summarizing my recommendations. 

Step 3 

Enjoy email coaching for 2 weeks after you receive the report. You're invited to ask any questions related to your online marketing. Additionally, you're invited to a complimentary 30-minute follow-up call to answer any questions related to implementation (or any aspect of your marketing). Must be placed within 30 days after you receive your video and report. 

Check out what other people had to say about the review ...

copywriting critique by cathy goodwin testimonial

"A knack for getting right to the point..." 

"We've used Cathy's video services several times in our business for both websites and sales letters. 

"Cathy has a knack of getting right to the point of what we need to do to get more results from our marketing, whether it's message, copy or even design and layout. We've also asked her to implement her suggestions as a 'done for you' project and we were very pleased with the result. We find the video service saves us a lot of time. 

"We just send our copy and get the video back in a matter of days. Cathy obviously spends time getting to know what we need, so the video gives us exactly what we need, with no fluff or excess. We've worked with different copywriters and keep coming back to Cathy because she gives us fast turn-around and uniquely helpful, straight-from-the-shoulder tips. We'd recommend her to anyone." 

Alina Frank Results Oriented Coaching since 2005 http://www.efttappingtraining.com 

copywriting critique by cathy goodwin testimonial

"Delivered much more than anticipated..."

"We asked Cathy to look over our site. Although we work on websites ourselves, we are primarily designers and programmers, not copywriters. We felt the site could use a review by a professional copywriter and we could possibly strengthen our image and clarity of message.

 "Cathy delivered more than we anticipated. We've worked with other copywriters and it's clear she knows her stuff. She immediately recognized what we are trying to do and made a few targeted suggestions that we can implement immediately. 

"We'll be recommending her services to our clients who want to get results from their online marketing."

Jim Goodman, Co-Owner and Project Manager, FabWebPhilly.com www.fabwebphilly.com

"OK, Cathy, how much does this cost?"

Complete Audit - Just $497 - comparable to a month of marketing coaching and a fraction of what you'd pay a web developer. You'll get a full 60-90 minute consultation, a video review, report, 2 weeks of email support and a 30-minute follow-up consultation to discuss implementation or any aspect of your marketing. 

Website Review - Just $197 - Send the URL and questions. You'll get a video review, report, and 1 week of email support to answer questions. Perfect if you're basically satisfied with your website and want to know exactly how to make it better. 

What if I want you to implement the changes? 

When you decide to hire me to write your website, or do a complete makeover (with my virtual team for design and tech), you can deduct this amount from the cost of the larger project. 

"Sounds good!"  

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