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The Missing Ingredient In List-Building:
How To Get Higher Conversion Rates

From Your Opt-In Page

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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Your list-building campaign is only as strong as your opt-in page - a very short, very focused page to sell your lead magnet.

Nowadays it's not enough to say "free gift." You sell your lead magnet and you don't have much space to do it! Every word of your copy has to work hard for you.

Many courses will teach you how to build your list. But they don't teach you how to write this page.

When you listen to this 20-minute* recording you'll discover...

...the 3 ingredients of success for an opt-in page

...2 essential design requirements for your opt-in page

...the 2 most common reasons for low conversation rates

...and more (plus live answers to your questions)

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*New to my webinars? We give new meaning to the term "fluff-free." Many webinars give you less than 20 minutes of solid content in a 90-minute webinar. Here you'll get 20 minutes of content in 20 minutes...and 10 minutes of questions. Submit Qs early if you can't attend live.