For service businesses and independent professionals who want to get more clients by telling stories. 

Copywriting Strategy:
"3 Ways Your Headline Helps To Build Your Brand"

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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CATHY GOODWIN, Ph.D. Copywriter |Strategist | Storyteller

Tuesday October 12

A recording will be available to those who register.

As a small business, you probably know your story is your brand.

And you learned in Copywriting 101, "Your headline is the most important part of your copy." (Most readers will STOP if they can't relate to the headline.)

But you probably didn't learn how to connect your copywriting to your brand (especially in your headline).

Learn how your story-based headline can build your brand and increase sales.

...Simplify your branding by understanding your story archetype (nearly all service-based small businesses fit this framework)

...Match your headline to your story archetype (because you become invisible when you create a disconnect)

... Build your audience's trust by sending a brand-based headline (so they're more likely to believe the rest of the copy)

We'll cover all this in the webinar next week (a recording will be available if you can't attend live).

"Sign me up! I want to get more clients by writing headlines that grab attention.  
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