For service businesses and independent professionals who want to get more clients by telling stories. 

"How to captivate your audience with your story (even if you're a non-performing introvert who'd much rather hide in the back row)"

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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CATHY GOODWIN, Ph.D. Copywriter |Strategist | Storyteller

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You've got a great story...but it won't do anything for your business till you reach the toughest audience on the planet: your prospects.

They're tougher than an audience of first-years in an 8 AM required class
...jaded late-night audiences in a comedy club
...the "I've been in meetings all day and I'm hungry" business crowd

You can still reach them with your story if you know just a few tips on how to make a "wow" presentation.

No need to become an entertainer (although you may decide you like the spotlight after all). No need to force yourself to do something uncomfortable.

FREE Webinar Replay: "Tell your selling story."

When you attend this 20-minute* live webinar you'll discover...

...the most important component of storytelling success (available. to anyone, requires zero talent) to get past your audience's indifference by putting them inside your story

...3 tips to engage audiences when they're reading (not hearing) your story

...and more.

"Sign me up! I want to break past the attention barriers and reach my audience.  
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*New to my webinars? We give new meaning to the term "fluff-free." Many webinars give you less than 20 minutes of solid content in a 90-minute webinar. Here you'll get 20 minutes of content in 20 minutes...and 10 minutes of questions. Submit Qs early if you can't attend live.