For service businesses and independent professionals who want to get more clients by telling stories. 

"How To Use Your Stories To Write Stronger Bullets (The Most Important Copywriting Skill)"

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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CATHY GOODWIN, Ph.D. Copywriter |Strategist | Storyteller


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Want to know how to tell if you're looking at professional, strong copy ... or cookie cutter copy that's not bringing results?

Look at the bullets: short phrases that fascinate and motivate your readers. Bullets make te difference between copy that sells and copy that sits.

On this 20-minute call you'll discover.... 

...why bullets are so important for copywriting (and why they're sometimes called "fascinations")

... how to recognize a powerful bullet when you see one

...what you need to know to write more powerful bullets (even if you're not a copywriter and don't want to become one)

... . why there's a story behind every effective bullet (and how to find the story for your own bullet points)


"Sign me up! I want to get more clients by writing more powerful bullets.  
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