For coaches, consultants, and independent professionals who want to communicate their value to prospective clients. 

"The 4-Step Plan To Give Your Small Business
A Strong Branding Advantage"

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March 28
11 AM PT

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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Telling a story will give your business a branding advantage. Telling the RIGHT story will give your business a STRONG branding advantage.

On this training call, you will learn.

  • Why branding is different for small businesses (where the brand is YOU)
  • The 4 steps to use storytelling to create a meaningful branding advantage
  • How stories help you avoid the 3 most embarrassing branding bloopers (even the famous names make them from time to time)
  • How a story-based brand makes it easy to demonstrate your value at networking events, podcast gigs, and get-acquainted calls

...and more! You'll walk away with action steps that will help you grow your audience, gain more clients, and begin to enjoy marketing again.

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