For coaches, consultants, and independent professionals who want to communicate their value to prospective clients. 

"3 Keys To Differentiate Your Services So Clients Won't Settle For Anybody Else"  

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Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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You've probably been advised to "be different" and "stand out from the pack." But what does that mean in a practical sense?

On this recorded training call, you will learn...

  • A popular style of branding that makes you seem unique and attractive to the clients you absolutely don't want to work with
  • A common branding mistake that actually makes you seem like a cookie-cutter look-alike (even though you're actually a rare original)
  • Why your branding needs to shift as you and your business evolve over time
  • How to find a story that answers the question "What makes you special" without coming across as obnoxious or overconfident

...and more! You'll discover a new way to think about the old advice to "just be different."

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