For coaches, consultants, and independent professionals who want to communicate their value to prospective clients. 

"3 Ways A Case Study Can Attract Clients
Who Need To Be Convinced You're An Expert"

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Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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Are you encountering resistance from your clients because ... need a better way to explain your service want to demonstrate your expertise and gain credibility (in a limited amount of time) want to show - not tell- the way you're different from the competition

You may have heard that case studies will let you accomplish these goals.

But writing your own case study can be daunting. And hiring a pro can be costly.

Can you write your own? Or if you hire a pro, what can you do to get maximum value?

You will discover:

  • 3 ways your case study will attract clients more effectively than other kinds of content
  • how a business case study differs from an academic case study
  • the 3 biggest mistakes people make when writing a case study

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