You might be just a few tweaks away from transforming your marketing...

You just created a website, sales letter, or landing page ... and you want to know, "Is it good to go -- or could it be even better?"

Or maybe it's been live awhile and you're asking, "Why isn't this copy performing better?"

You could ...

... post your draft on social media and get help from random, well-meaning strangers with time on their hands. 

... hire a copywriter to revise your project (not a bad idea... but you may not need to bring in a pro copywriter just yet)

... pull all-nighters and give up your life for the next two weeks while you try to figure out what's wrong (and maybe nothing is wrong, or you're just too close to see what's going on)

Or you could hire me for a fast, affordable video review. I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been doing this for over a decade. I have a knack (some say a gift) for eyeballing copy and figuring out exactly what's needed ... and knowing when it's time to walk away because you're already there.  

Just a few examples of how this review could transform your marketing:

  • Your landing page conversions are way too low -- and you want to know why. Get customized "secret copywriting sauce" tips so you attract more opt-ins and grow your list faster.  
  • Your new program just launched and you're hearing crickets. Discover why your sales letter doesn't convert lookers to buyers and get realistic action steps to turn things around.  
  • Your website looks beautiful... but where are the clients? We'll precisely identify your profit leaks and come up with ways to help you increase your leads and attract qualified buyers. 

Even better: You won't just get a series of "what's wrong" critiques. You'll get constuctive tips to make changes. And you'll get copywritings tips the pros use. Promoting your next project will be much easier. 

Why wait? The sooner you fix your copy the faster you'll see results.  

How It Works 

Step 1

After you pay, send the copy in a Word doc or google doc, or send the URL to your live website or sales letter. Add any background info (and I might have some question for you).  

Step 2

Go off to enjoy your life, see clients, do some in-person marketing, spend time with the family, or walk the dog. Your review is in process!  

Step 3 

Watch your inbox for your customized video report -- usually 1 to 3 business days. Listen as often as you like and feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear. 

About Cathy Goodwin, Your Copywriting Reviewer

For over a decade, I've been working with small business owners on copywriting, branding and strategy. With that experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts. 

You'll get tips and strategies designed especially for small, service-based businesses. Your report will be customized to you, so you stand out in a crowded market place, attract better quality leads, and get better results from your marketing without working harder. 

I live in Philadelphia, PA, with 2 cats and a dog, all shelter rescues. I work with independent professionals and small business owners from all over the world, 100% remotely. 

Check out what other people had to say about the review ...

copywriting critique by cathy goodwin testimonial

"A knack for getting right to the point..." 

"We've used Cathy's video services several times in our business for both websites and sales letters. 

"Cathy has a knack of getting right to the point of what we need to do to get more results from our marketing, whether it's message, copy or even design and layout. We've also asked her to implement her suggestions as a 'done for you' project and we were very pleased with the result. We find the video service saves us a lot of time. 

"We just send our copy and get the video back in a matter of days. Cathy obviously spends time getting to know what we need, so the video gives us exactly what we need, with no fluff or excess. We've worked with different copywriters and keep coming back to Cathy because she gives us fast turn-around and uniquely helpful, straight-from-the-shoulder tips. We'd recommend her to anyone." 

Alina Frank Results Oriented Coaching since 2005 

copywriting critique by cathy goodwin testimonial

"Delivered much more than anticipated..."

"We asked Cathy to look over our site. Although we work on websites ourselves, we are primarily designers and programmers, not copywriters. We felt the site could use a review by a professional copywriter and we could possibly strengthen our image and clarity of message.

 "Cathy delivered more than we anticipated. We've worked with other copywriters and it's clear she knows her stuff. She immediately recognized what we are trying to do and made a few targeted suggestions that we can implement immediately. 

"We'll be recommending her services to our clients who want to get results from their online marketing."

Jim Goodman, Co-Owner and Project Manager,

"OK, Cathy, how much does this cost?"

Normally $147 - currently just $77 for a short time. 

"Stronger message and better results? Sounds good!"  

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