Get Unlimited Video Coaching For One Year For A MONTHLY Rate That's Less Than One Cappuccino A Day 

Does your business have weeks that look like this: 

One day you've got a page of copy to review (you've spent hours staring at the same words over and over again and you want to achieve exactly the right message) ...  

... and the next day you have a question about reaching your niche (you can't start creating your Next Big Thing till you've figured this out) 

... and that same afternoon you get stuck on a broad big-picture question, such as "How can I find my story?" or, "How can I strengthen my message?" (easy to spin wheels when you're doing this on your own)

.... and then two days later you get a "bolt from the blue" idea and you wonder if worth you spend a couple of hours scrawling notes on a legal pad and wondering if you need a new business coach or a tea leaf reader.  

Every unanswered question and every unsolved problem adds to your stress. Stressed business owners make mistakes and lose opportunities. So what can you do?

Up till now you'd pay over $10K/year for an on-demand coach (if you can find one). Or you'd save your questions and hope to get time on your program's monthly "hot seat." 

But what if you didn't have to pay $10K or lose momentum while you wait a month to ask your coach? 

What if you could submit your questions immediately to an experienced professional online strategist, marketer and copywriter...someone who's been online for over 10 years? Imagine getting answers back within one business day -- answers tailored to you

  • Not referrals to other programs and courses.
  • Not cookie cutter "party line" answers from a junior coach in training.
  • Not a hot seat with a 15-minute limit where you have to talk fast because 50 people are waiting  

That's what you get when you sign up for ONE FULL YEAR of UNLIMITED Video Coaching Calls with me, Cathy Goodwin.  

lorrie morgan-ferrero on pivoting

“When Cathy worked with clients at my live events and boot camps, I heard a lot of ‘Wows!’ She has a knack for identifying just what they need and she’s a natural teacher. Cathy was one of my Top 50 Coolest Marketers for two years running.” — Lorrie Morgan | RedHotCopy | Internationally Known Copywriter

Here's how your video coaching program delivers success.  

(1) Send me your question. ANY question related to marketing, storytelling, copywriting (and even some tech). 

(2) Within one business day, you get a link to the video with my answer in your email. Some questions will be just a line or two in your email. 

(3) You're free to ask follow-up questions. 

Some days you'll have 2 or 3 questions...some none. You'll have more questions during certain times of the year, as your needs change. That's to be expected 

You pay $997 for the year ... that's $84 a month (equivalent to one cappuccino plus tip 5 days a week). Or if coffee's not your thing, think of paying a top-of-the-line VA to help you for an hour. 

BONUS: While we're still in the launch period, get a 30-minute coaching call free when you sign up. 


P.S. A year goes by FAST. But you may choose to use the program for a specific project or a special time frame (such as just before you go on vacation).  

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