Get ready to cut your To-Do list in half

...and walk away with your biggest problem solved, once and for all.

cathy goodwin: copywriting, storytelling and digi

From Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. Experienced online marketing strategist, copywriter and storyteller.

What would you like to walk away with? Some examples:

Pivoting her business in a new direction. We found her story, identified her client's backstory, drafted her new home page, and even generated ideas for a new lead magnet.

Living with a half-finished website for six months. We blueprinted copy for the entire site and came up with a list for his designer.

Having trouble nailing her brand and coming up with a message. We found her story and took the first steps to write the copy to launch a new product.

copywriting and storytelling
storytelling and copywriting

The Marketing Action Advantage Intensive lets you move ahead of the competition.

Most business owners don't get held back by a bad plan. Instead, they encounter an obstacle that's blocking the way.

Removing the obstacle is like untying a knot: pull one string and everything else falls into place. But you have to know exactly what string to pull, and why and when, and how.

Here's how the Intensive works:

After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes). We can take a break at the halfway mark if desired.

You submit prework so we hit the ground running. (One client said, "The prework assignments were worth the price of this program.")

Credit for copywriting. Hire me for a copywriting gig within 1 week of our consultation, and you'll be credited $200 toward the cost of your project. 

Follow-Up. Enjoy 2 weeks of email coaching to ask any quick questions about marketing, copywriting or storytelling. 

Copywriting and storytelling consultation with Cathy Goodwin.

"So ... what's my cost?

This consultation is designed to help you move quickly into action and see results. Clients often say, "Like 3 months of coaching packed into one intensive."

$299 covers: prework, a 90-minute screen-share one-to-one consultation, video recording, written summary and 2 weeks of email coaching follow-up.  

copywriting and storytelling consultation

"Regained direction in my marketing and copywriting..."  

"I had made a big shift in my business: new offers, new way of marketing and a global audience. Some of my services were running great, others were lagging behind. Although I have a marketing background myself, I couldn't pinpoint what was going on. I felt lost in the desert.  

"Early in my call with Cathy, I realized which story archetype would be the fit for my brand. I loved the fact that Cathy managed to hit the nail on the head so quickly. I got an abundance of clear guidelines on how to make my copywriting fit my archetype and how to reframe my offers with simple changes.  

"The 2 weeks Q & A were an indispensable addition to the consultation. Some things need time to settle and it is nice to ask questions as they arise. The answers I received in these 2 weeks made my branding even better."

"I've regained direction in my marketing and copywriting, feel stronger in my offers and look forward to putting everything into practice! It's flowing again!"

Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer