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"What's standing between you and your next big win?"

It was the darkness before the dawn. Belinda, a normally confident and cheerful Business Owner, was already seated at her desk, reviewing her quarterly revenues. 

"Maybe these numbers will look better after a shot of caffeine," she told herself, taking another sip of her very large cappuccino. "So far I'm down by 30 percent. My new program was supposed to fill the gap. 

"It's a brilliant concept, if I do say so myself," she continued as she played with 'what if' scenarios on her spreadsheet. "It would be flying off my virtual shelves. 

"But I just can't find time to finish that sales letter. Each time I stop to work with clients, I lose momentum. If I could just launch this program I would make more money with less work. 

"And my copy is so boring... it reads like everybody else's. I need a good story, but my life just didn't come with a hero's journey. Going vulnerable?! I'm certainly not going to write about what happened at that conference in San Diego.

"I don't want to hire a copywriter -- at least not yet. I don't want a six-month coaching program or an intensive ... but I need more than just a review. If only I could find a pro copywriter and pick her brains..."

Just as the sun appeared over the horizon, Belinda opened her email. First up was a message from one Cathy Goodwin: a pro copywriter who specializes in moving projects from "under construction" to "done and earning revenue."  

Even better: Despite having a PhD and a background in academia, Cathy believes in simplicity and speed. Unlike many consultants, she offers action-oriented business owners a 90-Minute Power Hour. No long-term commitments buried in the fine print!  

Cathy's in Philadelphia - East Coast time - so Belinda hit "send" and got ready to finally launch that potentially lucrative program. 

Not just for sales letters ... settle on your strategy: 

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"So much value in one short call!"  

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.  

"Just 60 minutes into our 90-minute call, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points. We revised the wording and structure of my Home Page, totally redirected my About Page and a whole lot more!  

"It wasn’t just theory – we actually started drafting the copy and headlines. Our session was fun and I enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with Cathy."  

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach 

Or get crystal clear on your website makeover:  

"Planned my website and message in just 1 call"  

“When planning a new business venture, I realized I needed a website. I was not sure what would be involved. In just one session, Cathy helped me clarify my message and establish the page-by-page website setup.  

"Our consultation exceeded my expectations – it was enjoyable as well as inspirational. As an experienced business owner, I’d say it was a very worthwhile investment.”  

Robert E. Barker, United Kingdom 

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Why Work With Cathy Goodwin?

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With over 10 years of online experience in copywriting and strategy, specializing in service-based small businesses and solo-preneurs, I've got the perfect background to help you build your personal brand and gain a profitable presence online. 

You get a non-judgmental sounding board, objective advisor, copywriting coach and voice of experience. You get immediate value because you don't reinvent the wheel. Chances are I've been there and done that ... usually more than once. 

You also get your own private detective. (Miss Marple goes online!) You'll discover why things aren't working, what your message needs to focus on and what stories you should be telling to make a bigger impact in the marketplace. 

How Do We Make It Happen? sign up and we schedule a phone appointment

...send me anything you want me to review and analyze before the call (and be available in case I have questions)

... we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes) 

... you get the consultation plus 2 weeks of email coaching in case new questions come up 

... you're invited to download any one of my hosted online courses as a bonus (value $47 and up)

... you get a coupon to access any one of my Udemy courses for free

Currently - just $345. 

Sign up for a Done For You sales letter, website, or extended consultation program within 5 business days of our call and the full amount will be credited towards your new project. 

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"Straightforward, actionable advice from a pro" 

"Cathy walks the line between being an expert in her business and knowing you are an expert in yours. She isn't about cookie-cutter philosophies and 'you have to do it this way' but rather shared her opinion and expertise and worked with me in fine tuning my message so I could use it uniquely in my own work.

"Cathy's recommendations were very specific and easy to apply. There was definitely no fluff and no wasted time: we actually began implementing solutions during the call."  

Nancy Jane Smith Life Coach and Psychotherapist