Why We Developed This Film Package

As EFT practitioners and trainers ourselves, we became frustrated with the challenges of introducing EFT to a broader audience. We saw first-hand what EFT can do for ordinary people who experience extraordinary trauma. We personally observed the healing process, especially when people had tried more conventional methods and come up short. We knew the benefits were real -- not imaginary -- because we could see our clients respond, over and over again. And we didn't want to replace the science of conventional healing. We wanted to use that science to serve needs that weren't being met elsewhere.

We chose video because most people are visual learners, yet they don't want to sit and read. Studies show that people engage with video and viewers have a higher retention rate compared to print.

We knew the video would require high production values because today's audiences are accustomed to a certain quality level even when they're watching on YouTube. To create a captivating movie experience, we hired a Hollywood writer [NAME] as our producer. The videographer is a documentary film maker whose film [NAME] won three film festival awards and premiered nationwide on PBS. 

The preview is captivating, scientific yet accessible, sound, and convincing. It speaks for itself and I can’t wait to distribute it to everyone I know!" [NAME]

It will be a brilliant resource for EFT students and trainers everywhere, as well as the curious public." [NAME]

Just a sample of how 12 experts will bring solid evidence to convince your audience: 

The wisdom of these experts will convince your audience because of what they say -- and also because they present in a matter-of-face, professional style. They're not sales people. They'll remind your audience of college professors and other knowledge-based authorities. 

[NAME] a licensed clinical psychologist, reassures your audience as he shares his own journey to EFT. Attending a class with other psychologists, he initially thought he was observing a teset of "how guillible can these people be!" Applying the technique to his own patients, he began seing results that couldn't be explained by what he'd learned in his training. There might be a placebo effect, he says, "but it's not the normal way placebos operate."

 [NAME] a clinical psychologist, presents a detailed discussion of how EFT works to disarm the fight-or-flight response that's triggered by everyday events. He explores the range of physical and psychological conditions that respond particularly well to EFT. "Emotions are the bread and butter of life," he says, "but when we get stuck in a chronic negative emotion, we need some relief. And this is a nice way to be able to do it."  

[NAME] a psychotherapist, explains her frustration with traditional psychological treatments for trauma and how she's seen first-hand the outcomes obtained with EFT. She assures your audience that it's not magic, although it might appear that way. What EFT does is take advantage of our body as "designed to self-heal."  

And more! Click here to access the complete bios and photos of all 12 experts who participated in making these films. 


What would be the most effective way to use these videos to spread the word about EFT and tapping to be more accepted?

We recommend using the videos in conjunction with speaking to a group or working directly with clients. You'll be most effective when you support the ideas in the videos by sharing your own experiences.  

Is the material current? 

The material is completely current as of the release date, [date]. Of course research is ongoing and new publications are being released regularly. The key points in the video reinforce ideas that have been discussed for the last ten years, so they won't be outdated or replaced.  

Is the Science of Tapping research-based? 

Totally! You'll hear discussions of research published in reputable scientific journals, the gold standard for research. Some contributors to the videos have conducted and published research themselves, including Dr. --- . 

Has the research behind tapping helped to bring it into clinical and academic institutions?

Definitely. The American Psychological Association now allows courses on EFT to count towards continuing education. An article in The Huffington Post noted that the Veterans Administration has added EFT to its list of approved therapies, particularly useful for depression and PTSD.  

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"What do I get?"  

You'll be ready for any opportunity with these 3 videos. You'll have the ideal video ready whether you're a keynote speaker, speaking to a university class, participating in a professional conference, or sharing information 1:1 with a new client. 

One 13 minute film designed to explain the science and research that lies at the heart of tapping on how it works, illustrated briefly with tapping for a variety of conditions. . … it was created to easily the theory behind how tapping works as well as exploring the research that has been published regarding it’s application for a variety of conditions. Use this video in short presentations, time-sensitive educational settings and 1:1 consultations with individual clients and their families.

One 30 minute film exploring the mind body connection of tapping. Includes material covered in the 13-minute video but with more depth and additional stories. Use this video for conference presentations when you have more time and as an introduction to classroom lectures. 

One 60 minute video presenting interviews with all 12 experts, each 10-20 minutes. Your audience will fnd these stories entertaining as well as insightful and the examples are truly memorable. This video will resonate particularly well with audiences that bring a medical or psychotherapeutic background to the viewing. 

BONUS: We're excited to bring this brand-new video series to you! When you purchase by [ date ] , you will also get [ ] Use this report to gain more background and explain EFT even more clearly to your target audience.  

$97 (For All 3 videos) 


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P.S. We've had a lot of fun making this video, yet we never compromised on quality or accuracy of our message. We truly believe it will bring value to EFT practitioners everywhere. If you're losing potential clients, and missing opportunities to share your valuable message, this video package will overcome the concerns and objections you hear most often. 

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