copywriting for summer special project by cathy goodwin

This is you, relaxing on the beach all day, while I write your copy. 

Let's create a business owner's summer fantasy and make it a reality. 

First, we'll set the stage. There's you, the successful business owner. You've got clients. But you have to keep creating content to maintain your activity and get more clients. There's never an end to content creation. And you have less and less time as your business grows.

Sounds familiar? Let's keep going.

You've got a To Do list a mile long. Your list includes landing pages, sales letters, guest blog posts, opt-in pages, lead magnets, maybe even a white paper or two ... and projects unique to your own business. 

And you want to relax and enjoy your summer. Maybe run away from home and go lazy on the beach for a day. Maybe take a cool mountain hike. Or maybe take the kids somewhere special. 

But your To Do List keeps getting in the way. While you're sipping your margarita and staring at the ocean, you feel guilty because your To Do List hasn't moved an inch. Maybe your fingers keep reaching for the laptop (which hopefully you left at home today). 

copywriting for solopreneurs, small businesses, and entreprenurs by cathy goodwin

So why not let me create some summer magic for you ... 

What if you could just remove the biggest projects from your To Do list... while you're off enjoying your well-deserved vacation? What if you could talk to a copywriter, set up your project and come back a few days later to find it ready and waiting (with a walkthrough video to explain how it was done). 

And then fast forward to the fall season. While the leaves fall from the trees, you're getting ready for some serious client attacting business. 

You don't have time to create content, but who cares? Your website pages are written, your sales letter is ready to send, or you've got a new lead magnet with its own opt-in page.  

Best of all, you're well rested and refreshed. You had your vacation!  

So I'm creating a new way for you to strategize your content and get it written -- all in ONE business day.  

copywriting special by cathy goodwin

Introducing the "Done In One Day" Summer Magic Copywriting Program  

You'll get a day of high-quality copywriting time devoted exclusively to writing your copy. We'll have a consultation before the day starts, so I'll be focusing my full attention on writing for you.  

"What can I expect?"  

Choose your fantasy story's happy ending. For example:  

  • Write (or rewrite) a medium-size sales page for your new offer; or
  • Create your home page, about page, and work-with-me page; or
  • Update your lead magnet, landing page and autoresponder sequence; or
  • Get a first draft of a white paper or short ebook.  

Your copy will be written professionally, reflecting your style and values. Your clients will probably say, "It sounds just like you!"  

Your own commitment will be customized to your business and your needs. Some copywriting gets complex and takes more time; some practically writes itself. Your copy will be delivered via Google docs.  

"How can you do this in a day? It would take me a month!"  

First of all, I'm concentrating on one business owner for the entire day, I'll be able to get more done. 

And I've probably done this a couple hundred times, and I do it every day. I've got a few techniques and tricks.

And ou'll be giving me everything I need, all at once.  

And I'm not going on vacation till September!

"How do we make this happen?"  

Because this offer is totally new to me, I'm opening just five spots by application only. Deadline for applications is August 5. (You can apply after that date for the waiting list.)  

Here's how to brew up your own magic: 

  • Submit your request and answer 5 questions. 
  • You'll hear from me within two days, letting you know if you're "in." 
  • If all spots are taken, I'll invite you to get on the waiting list in the event of cancellations or if I free up more time.
  • If you get an open spot, I'll send you a short list of questions. We'll get on a screen-share video for 45-90 minutes to fine-tune your project and set up a game plan. 
  • I'll write your copy and send it to you, along with a video walk-through.  
  • You have 3 business days to review your copy and ask questions.  
  • You can use the copy as-is, or you can use the copy as a draft (like PLR, but customized to you) and make changes. That process will be much faster and easier than starting from scratch. You own the copy.  


"Is this right for me?"  

Yes if ...

  • you're already working with paying clients and you'd say, "Things are going well in my business."
  • you can describe what your ideal client wants and what problems s/he faces; 
  • you want high-converting conversational copy that reflects who you are, makes a connection to your ideal clients and tells your best story to support your strategy;

"What's the cost?"

Your magic requires a total of $997. That includes your pre-work call, the copy, a video walk-through and an opportunity to follow-up within 3 days after you take delivery of your copy. This rate is a special for summer for those who qualify, and I reserve the right to limit this offer to five business owners.  

If you'd like to work one-to-one with me in person, in Philadelphia for a day (or a half day), send me a message and we'll make a different kind of magic. and I'll send you some questions.