For coaches, consultants, and independent professionals who want to get more clients by telling stories. 

"Why Most Businesses Get The Storytelling Thing All Wrong ...And How You Can Use Stories To Stand Out, Step Up And Get More Of The Right Clients" 

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Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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February 28, 2019

2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT 

About 20 info-packed minutes 

"We don't do fluff. We don't do the 30 minute intros and the 40-minute sales pitches. 

"You get useful takeaways, aha moments and a very brief statement about how to continue the conversation, if it's right for you." 

Everyone from Richard Branson to your friendly neighborhood business coach says: "To succeed in business today, you must be a storyteller."  

But nobody tells you how to make that happen. Get ready to reach your goals when you learn ... 

...the FOUR requirements that are absolutely necessary for stories that attract clients (without them, you can easily send them away)

... how to find the winning story for YOU to introduce yourself to your hottest prospects and coldest audiences (hint: it's probably not your mentor's story or your competitor's story)

... a specialized story template that you can use to explain exactly what you do and how you deliver value 

 ... and more! 

"I want to get more clients by
telling stories!"