For Action-Oriented Service-Based Business Owners and Independent Professionals

Nail your stand-out brand in just 90 minutes ... 

It's hard enough to figure out, "What's my thing?" and "Where do I fit in this crazy, crowded marketplace?" 

But it's even worse when you have to choose between growing your business in Lone Ranger Mode and signing up for a 3-month, 4-figure program. 

Fortunately, you don't have to choose! The 90-minute Story Consultation gives you one-to-one professional guidance as you ...

copywriting and branding for small businesses
  • Remodel your plain vanilla brand into a pistachio swirl (and nobody else will have the recipe)
  • Go from "interchangeable" to "irreplaceable" (and maybe aim for "irresistible")  
  • Finish your client-pulling sales letter without pulling an all-nighter
  • Tell a story that grabs attention and sells your brilliance (without making you go naked, be vulnerable or bare your soul) 
  • Wrap all your stories up into one beautiful website that's like catnip to your ideal clients
  • Answer ALL the other questions that keep you awake or hold you back
copywriting and storytelling
storytelling and copywriting

The Story Consultation helps you strengthen your message and create a compelling website, sales letter, or launch campign. Here's what to expect.

After you sign up and pay, we schedule a 90-minute screen-sharing call (recorded so you don't have to take notes).

You get prework to complete before the call, so we can hit the ground running. (One client wrote, "The prework assignments were worth the price of this program!")

Some outcomes you can expect include ... 

  • increased brand clarity and a stronger message 
  • a blueprint for your website, sales letter or lead generation sequence
  • more persuasive content to attract your ideal clients

After the consultation ... you get two weeks of follow-up emails and bonuses to help you stay on track. (Most people don't offer this -- but my clients love it!) 

Copywriting and storytelling consultation with Cathy Goodwin.

Why should you listen to me?

I've been copywriting and strategizing for over a decade ... and that's not one year ten times. You benefit from my training, experience and mistakes. Our time together focuses on bringing you an outside perspective and making a difference right away. 

My style is friendly but frank. If your marketing needs to shift to a new direction, or if you need a new story, I'm going to tell you. Then we'll figure out a doable "what next." 

What I won't do is waste your time talking fluff or chatting about the weather and the latest drama in my life. You get my full attention. Who's got time for anything else?

Go ahead -- challenge me to pull this off!  

If it's your FIRST one-to-one consultation with me, you probably wonder, "Can she really do this?" or, "Will she really read my materials ahead of time?" or "Do I know what questions to ask?"

We've all been there. Consulting with a new marketing pro can be scary. That's why first-timers get to challenge me to deliver! 

  • After you pay, I'll quickly reach out to you so we can set up a time to talk. You'll need to set aside 90 quiet minutes where you won't be disturbed. I'll also send you a list of questions. You'll send replies plus anything else you'd like me to review before the call.  
  • We get on the phone at the appointed time. We talk for 30 minutes. Then we'll do a check-in. Not getting what you came for? We'll hang up, erase the recording, give you a refund and part friends. No hassles, no hard feelings.  
  • Want to stay? We'll spend another 60 minutes on the call. You get the follow-up, call recording and bonuses.  
  • Want me to help implement your new insights? No problem! Sign up for copywriting within 5 days of our call and you'll get a $299 credit toward your project.  
copywriting consultation with storytelling and copywriting borrow my brain

Currently - $299 for your consultation: prework, a 90-minute screen-share one-to-one consultation, video recording, written summary and 2 weeks of email coaching (short answers to short questions) follow-up.  

I want to make big changes in my marketing!
Schedule my 90-minute session for $299.

copywriting and storytelling consultation

"Regained direction in my marketing and copywriting..."  

"I had made a big shift in my business: new offers, new way of marketing and a global audience. Some of my services were running great, others were lagging behind. Although I have a marketing background myself, I couldn't pinpoint what was going on. I felt lost in the desert.  

"Early in my call with Cathy, I realized which story archetype would be the fit for my brand. I loved the fact that Cathy managed to hit the nail on the head so quickly. I got an abundance of clear guidelines on how to make my copywriting fit my archetype and how to reframe my offers with simple changes.  

"The 2 weeks Q & A were an indispensable addition to the consultation. Some things need time to settle and it is nice to ask questions as they arise. The answers I received in these 2 weeks made my branding even better."

"I've regained direction in my marketing and copywriting, feel stronger in my offers and look forward to putting everything into practice! It's flowing again!"

Annie Massop, Money & Time Healer