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Turn Your Story Into A Winning
Sales Presentation

"You sell more with a great selling story...when you present it like a pro."

Your audience has to ...
...SEE themselves in the story (it feels real to them)
...IGNORE distractions (because they're thoroughly immersed in the story)
...CONNECT the story to their problem (because aha moments turn into sales)
...FEEL INSPIRED by the possibilities (not feeling they're being sold)
...STICK your story in memory (so they'll remember you when they're ready to buy)

From Story To Sales Presentation

How would you like to...

  • transform your signature sales talk from boring to blockbuster
  • get prospects to pay attention to you (even in a crowded marketplace)
  • turn a podcast guest gig into a selling opportunity (without alienating your host or your audience by being too sales-y)

I'm Cathy Goodwin.

I've spoken to audiences ranging from bored college students to "I dare you to make me laugh" comedy clubs.

Business audiences are tough too...and they love a good story.

Presenting your story will lets persuasive without being pushy.

But audiences hear a lot of stories these days. You need to stand out from the pack without sleaze.

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From Story To Sales Presentation

Great idea...but what if I don't have a story yet?

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Use your story to create a winning sales presentation.

Take the first steps to sell with your story...whether you take center stage in front of a live audience, share a blog post, or anything in between.

Here's what you'll discover:

Step 1 - How your story can help you sell without selling.

Tell your story when you're a podcast guest, attending a network event, or speaking to prospective clients one-on-one.

Step 2 - Set up your story for a presentation.

When you create a story you think of the arc and the sequence. when you present your story you think of the audience's response.

Step 3 - Invite your prospects to become part of the story.

Discover 3 strategies to get your audience to move past the fourth wall and enter the story.

Step 4 - Build on the drama.

Use these techniques to hold your audience's interest.

Step 5 - Slide into sales.

You're not there to entertain. Leave your audience with an action step, even if you can't go into selling mode.

BONUS Checklist for Masterful Storytelling

Is your story ready for showtime? Apply these 10 questions and see.

How to handle a mistake
How to tell a personal story to build your brand

Tell stories that lead to sales.

One 90-minute course delivered live (recorded for repeat listening)

  • Checklist for masterfully telling your best story
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Facebook group for follow-up

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Workshop + Video Course on Story Selling

BONUS: Available for 3 people. Bring your story and we will do a quick "workshop" makeover during the course.

NEW BONUS: Can't attend live? Submit questions and stories after the workshop for video review.

Walt Disney told other people's stories and made them memorable. As a business owner, you're the best person to create the story and tell that story to your own audience.

Most courses on storytelling focus on creating a story that delivers sales. This course helps you make sure they hear your story.