How To Attract Your Ideal Clients Through Your Unique Selling Story

The Strategic Intensive is a "borrow my brain" consultation for service-based small businesses and independent professionals.

Use the Strategic Intensive To Grow Your Business

  • Find your selling story.
  • Strengthen your message so you stand out from the competition.
  • Ask a lightning round of questions.
  • Develop the copy for your website.
  • Write your sales page.
  • Polish your copy so you enjoy stronger results.
  • Turn your inkling of an idea into a program, course, or publication.

What Others Say

How the Strategic Intensive Works To Deliver Results

(1) After you pay, send your information so we hit the ground running.

(2) Join me on a 90-minute zoom call, customized to your needs.

(3) Get a recording, a summary, and 2 weeks of email coaching to use any way you like.

BONUS: The Strategic Intensive may be enough for now. But some clients decide they want done-for-you copywriting or longer-term consulting.

Sign up within 5 business days of your call. The cost of the Strategic Intensive will be deducted from the price of the project.

"So ... what's my cost?" 

This consultation is designed to help you move quickly into action and see results. Clients often say, "Like 3 months of coaching packed into one intensive."

You get prework, a 90-minute screen-share one-to-one consultation, video recording, written summary, VIP free access to any one of my courses, and 2 weeks of email coaching follow-up.

Not to mention that feeling you get when you've finally found the missing piece and everything fits together securely (and looks great, too).

Your total: $350.

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