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The Unexpected Power of Stories To Increase Your Blog's Revenue Even If You're Squeezed For Time

Bloggers, can you relate ...  

  • "With all the other things that go into running a blog, it's hard to find time to write high-quality posts that will draw engagement from my audience."  
  • "My blog posts are packed with information, but they're just not that interesting to read. I need more aha moments, more surprises, and more lively content."  
  • "There are at least 100 people blogging in my space. How do I stand out?" 
  • "I need to create trust with a consistent message - but I don't want to be a one-note, one-topic blogger. What can I do differently?"  

In an ideal world, you’d be able to hire someone to write for you. But in real life, you need to relate to your audience with your own words and your own thoughts. Hiring experienced copywriters to turn out quality posts consistently will cost a fortune. Skilled copywriters who will really "get" your message will charge a premium.  

Fortunately, there's one writing tool that can be counted on to deliver clients: the power of storytelling. As a blogger, you're perfectly positioned to build a brand and create client-connecting posts by applying stories to your business.  

Imagine writing blog posts that do the heavy lifting for your job, so you generate leads and get buyers who will pay for your products and services. 

Imagine writing blogs with 2X the impact in half the time. 

And imagine getting blog comments like "I was blown away," or, "Where have you been all my life?"  

The truth is, the more you include stories in your blog posts, the more your readers will feel connected to you. They'll trust your brand and feel more comfortable taking action. 

Introducing Stories For Blogging: The Ultimate Guide To Transform Ordinary Blog Posts Into ...

We're Sue Dunlevie and Cathy Goodwin. Sue was an internationally recognized coach for bloggers who want to make money from blogging. She has now retired from online marketing. Cathy is an experienced copywriter who helps business owners use storytelling to inspire their clients to take action. Together we're joined forces to bring you this unique course, with material you won't find anywhere else.  

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These modules were recorded live for our training course. Each module contains information and insights you won't find anywhere else.

Strategic Storytelling For Small Business Marketing And Services Marketing by Cathy Goodwin

Module 1: Why Your Blog Needs Stories To Survive, Thrive And Bring You Joy

The 3 psychological reasons why stories attract clients like bees to honey (and 2 ways the wrong story will actually make you LOSE clients)  

Exercise: Turn your boring 7-point tip sheet into a memorable story  

Module 2: Turn Every Blog Post Into A Client Relationship Magnet  

Embed your message in every blog post (so your clients feel loved, understood and appreciated, over and over again). Use story archetypes to find your brand and your style. (Something that's not taught anywhere else!)  

Exercise: The Story Match That Delivers Authenticity. 

stories that sell

Module 3: The Secret of Selling With Stories 

Here's why you should ignore the advice to be vulnerable. Refuse to say that your mess is the message (you've got a much better message waiting to be revealed). Discover the difference between stories that entertain and stories that motivate your audience to buy.  

Exercise: Persuade With A Story 

Module 4: Write Better In Less Time  

How to turn the stories from your life into blog posts that communicate your message (and discover the best way to slot them into your blog posts ). Use these stories to conquer writer's block and become even more prolific. 

 Exercise: Authenticity Stories

BONUS : Become A Ninja Storyteller  

It's not enough to tell stories: you've got to motivate your audience to pay attention. Discover how to present your story in print, on webinars/podcasts and in person. 

BONUS: Free access to my course Personal Branding With Stories  

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