Calling all midlife career changers ready to ditch the corporate world and take charge of your life ... 

Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Profitable Full-time Business!

 12 industry experts reveal how to build on a solid foundation as you move from corporate life to becoming a self-employed entrepreneur...the skills they needed, the mistakes they made and the surprising quality that's most critical to their success. 

The odds are you'll find yourself knocked out of the job market as some point in your career.  

Your job could ...  

  • Disappear in a corporate merger
  • Be replaced by technology (even if you're a skilled professonal). 
  • Be filled by someone who's younger (age discrimination is hard to prove)
  • Become a source of misery when you get a new boss or a new job description 
  • Make you dread getting up and going to work every day (even if you used to love doing it)

When you face any of these scenarios, it's easy to feel trapped. What will you do now? How will you replace the income? Must you keep going to a job you've outgrown, where you feel alienated and frustrated? 

When you lose your health, your home or your car, your insurance helps cover the loss. Wouldn't it be nice to have career insurance to cover your job loss?  

Your side hustle is the closest thing to career insurance. You don't panic when your boss gives you an ultimatum. You don't huddle in the coffee room checking out the latest rumors. You're confident that, no matter what happens, you will survive. 

In fact, unlike other kinds of insurance, your side hustle won't just give back what you lost. You'll probably be in a new, better, more rewarding place.  

Sound impossible? Let me introduce you to 12 ordinary people who developed extraordinary side hustles. 

One of the entrepreneurs you'll meet is Adrienne Dupree. Adrienne never expected to be laid off from her secure government job ... but she was, with no warning. Her colleagues ran around collecting unemployment and updating their resumes in a crowded marketplace.  

Adrienne was ready for her next step: growing her Fulfilled By Amazon business. She didn't just replace her income: she's earning more from her own business. Working from home, she sets her own terms and doesn't deal with commuting (plus she gets to set her own "dress for success" code). 

This program gives you the confidence to take your first step, even if it's your first step out of corporate life and you feel overwhelmed by the whole idea.

Lots of people will tell you how to start and grow your side hustle. But they won't share the day-to-day, nitty-gritty details. Like the mistakes nobody talks about. Or why you need to shift your mindset to get in the game. Or when to hire a mentor (or not). Or how to get your family on board with the new Entrepreneurial You. 

These entrepreneurs don't pull any punches. They don't give you theory. They shared their stories. They answered questions. And they explain exactly how you can duplicate their success. 

Imagine ...

  • Saying good-by to your day job and taking control of your own time and space
  • Shrugging off a layoff notice because you've geared up to grow your business
  • Enjoying the six-second commute to your home office 
  • Getting spoiled by living life on your own terms
  • Taking vacation when you're ready to go (no more holiday crowds or high season fares)  

No guarantees, but lots of other people have made the move. And you're about to learn the true, no holds barred stories how they did it.  

You won't get just one roadmap: you'll get 12 unique pathways to success. You'll be able to take insights from all these business owners -- real people, just like you -- as you plan out your own journey.  

Already a business owner? You, too, can find a new income stream.

Most successful business owners enjoy more than one source of income (even though they usually won't tell you about it). You avoid feeling desperate and market with confidence -- which means prospects are more likely to say "yes." You might even have carryover from one business to the other ... or you may find they complement each other. 

"Here's A Glimpse of What You'll Discover When You Claim Your All-Access Pass To This Unique Side Hustle Success Training"

Connie Ragen Green was an overworked, underappreciated teacher and real estate agent when she decided, "It's time for a change." She now runs an online empire, traveling all over the world on her own terms, helping others find their path to financial success.

Chuck Rylant was a police detective in Southern California who'd always been fascinated by the world of finance. He first developed a side hustle as he helped fellow officers manage their money. He became a licensed financial planner with a full practice, then a consultant to other planners, and now a best-selling author and marketing coach service-based businesses.

Ian Brodie transitioned from a career as a high-end consultant, trading in some generous perks for independent self-employment. Based in the UK, Ian has built an international reputation as a mentor to small business owners through his membership group and his publications.

Margie Beiswanger, a position as a university scientist and university administrator, began life coaching as a side hustle. In the early days she'd coach clients as she was driving to work on her day job. Today she's become so successful she now works as a business coach, helping others make a similar transition. 

Sue Ann Dunlevie was a highly successful big-ticket sales rep whose stress matched her success. She left corporate America and wrote a book about managing stress. Then she started a blog to promote her book and, as they say, the rest is history. After hitting bottom (she's got a story about that!) Sue took a strategic path to becoming a blogging pro...and now earns a very comfortable income teaching others how to turn blogs into money-making assets.  

These are just a few of the 12 success stories you'll meet in this program..and they'll generously show how you can reach success with your own lucrative side hustle.  

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