Sales Letter Audit And Action Plan 

"Why isn't my sales letter converting?"

If you write sales letters then this Sales Letter Audit could very well save you from the embarrassment that comes from few sales (or even no sales) of what you're offering. 

Does your sales letter overcome resistance and motivate buyers to take action? 

  • Are your conversion numbers depressingly low? 
  • Do you have a sales letter that did well for a while and then ... crickets? 
  • Are you watching competitors promote to the same market ... and you wonder why they're doing better than you are? 

Now you can get honest, no-fluff guidance to dial up your sales letter's conversion power.

Get the expertise of a trained, professional copywriter who knows how to get results from copywriting persuasive — without having to pay full price for a complete "done for you" sales letter. Your review will be completed (in almost all cases) within 5 business days. 

Your sales letter needs to ...

... gain your audience's attention -- not just with words, but with a clear message that resonates emotionally with your target clients. 

... show how features of your offer translate beyond benefits to outcomes your audience can get excited about

... communicate your credibility and expertise

... show why you're different from competitors (and recognize the competitors who aren't always obvious)  

... get readers involved with images, metaphors and stories

... walk the fine line between "me-too" cookie-cutter promises and being so new it's scary

Why wait? Your revised sales letter will contribute immediately to your business growth. 

How Your Sales Letter Review Works 

Step 1

After you pay, send me a description of your ideal client and a statement of what makes you different from your competitors. Send a Word doc or google doc (not a PDF), or send the URL to your live website. 

Step 2

Watch your inbox for a link to your video report -- usually 1-3 business days. Listen as often as you like. 

Step 3 

Set up a 30-minute consultation to smooth the path to implementing my suggestions and creating a compelling online presence. 

About Cathy Goodwin, Your Copywriter

I've been in the online marketing game for many years. With that experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts. 

My style might best be described as direct: you won't waste time and you'll get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your marketing, uplevel your copywriting, or implement a successful business strategy. 

I live in Philadelphia, PA, with 2 cats and a dog, all shelter rescues. I work with independent professionals and small business owners from all over the world, 100% remotely. 

Check out what others had to say ...

copywriting critique by cathy goodwin testimonial

"A knack for getting right to the point..." 

"We've used Cathy's video services several times in our business for both websites and sales letters. 

"Cathy has a knack of getting right to the point of what we need to do to get more results from our marketing, whether it's message, copy or even design and layout. We've also asked her to implement her suggestions as a 'done for you' project and we were very pleased with the result. We find the video service saves us a lot of time. 

"We just send our copy and get the video back in a matter of days. Cathy obviously spends time getting to know what we need, so the video gives us exactly what we need, with no fluff or excess. We've worked with different copywriters and keep coming back to Cathy because she gives us fast turn-around and uniquely helpful, straight-from-the-shoulder tips. We'd recommend her to anyone." 

Alina Frank Results Oriented Coaching since 2005 

“I’ve hired Cathy on several occasions to write copy for my websites and marketing projects. I decided to hire her to write a sales letter for my first information product.  

“I debated doing it myself because I’ve been doing a lot of my own copywriting for my clients. However, I was busy and wanted to be sure this new project would be a success.  

“Thankfully I chose to have Cathy write the sales letter. I recovered her fee within the first 12 hours of launching my Social Media Toolkit.  

Chuck Rylant | Certified Financial Planner

Visit my TESTIMONIALS page to see what others have said. 

"OK, Cathy, how much does this cost?"

Just $497 - comparable to less than a month of coaching with a marketing guru and much less than what you'd pay for a done-for-you sales letter 

But if you decide to hire me to write your sales letter, you can deduct this amount from your cost. 

"Stronger message and more conversions? Sounds good!"  

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