coachesHelp your clients get great results from hiring a copywriter.

Many of my clients come to me from referrals and I'm delighted to work with you to our mutual benefit. You'll be the hero: you helped them find a way to build their business! 

I work primarily with solo-preneurs in service businesses. They're coaches, consultants, designers, lawyers, accountants and occasionally even astrologers.

Some of my clients are beginners, and some have been in business awhile. They're smart (many have advanced degrees) motivated, and action-oriented. Here's how it works.  

You'll get 10% of copywriting and consultation fees based on what your client pays me. I'll work directly with your client(s) as a resource, accelerating their growth and giving you more time to work with other clients. 

When you refer clients for "Done For You" copywriting, their first step usually will be a consultation, as described here. The cost of this consultation can be applied to a larger project if they sign up for a copywriting project within 10 working days. 

When your referral signs up for a writing project, we'll sign an agreement that's set up specifically for copywriting. We'll review their strategy and goals from a copywriting perspective. 

Your clients get fast, high-quality turn-around. My schedule fills up (I usually schedule 2-4 weeks ahead for copywriting) so they need to move quickly if they've got a deadline.

Please get in touch after you've got a specific project in mind for yourself and/or your client. My terms and availability can change and I'd like to give you up-to-date info, relevant to your project. Or just have your clients tell me you referred them so you can claim your commissions. 

Marketing coaches: Help your clients get great results from hiring a copywriter.

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