How To Plan, Profit and Prosper
By Telling Stories

Make a Plan That Won't Turn Into A Pipe Dream

Most planning systems involve checking off the boxes or listing big goals. And most plans never get accomplished.  

The authors of a popular planning book, The 12 Week Year, explain why. When you're not connected emotionally to your plan, they say, you won't do the heavy lifting to make it happen.

Here's what they say:

"If you're going to perform at a high level, take new ground, and be great, then you better have a vision that is compelling...A compelling personal vision creates passion." 

But how do you develop a vision? How do you make an emotional connection?

When you plan with stories, you involve all your senses: it's not just an intellectual by-the-numbers exercise.

You don't just think your plan. You FEEL your plan.

So you get a plan you're excited to implement. You really make it happen.

It's fun and it's easy!

This affordable 20-page workbook for Planning With Stories helps you connect emotionally with your future goals. You get:

  • Questions to ask before you start (so you enjoy effective planning).
  • Templates and worksheets for the 3 types of stories.
  • Questions to ask yourself as you review your stories.
  • Detailed examples of each story type to get you inspired.
  • Worksheets to draft your stories.
  • Easy to download and print so you can dream on the go...and repeat as desired.

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