Promote Your Service Business To Get More Clients (Even If You HATE To Write About Yourself) 

Many service business owners lose clients every day because they're held back by fears like ...

  • "I simply cannot write about myself in large terms."
  • "If I just do good work, the word will get around. I shouldn't have to brag."
  • "If I talk about myself people will think I'm conceited."
  • "The nail that stands out gets pounded down."
  • "Everybody will hate me if I start promoting my strengths." 

If you can relate, you probably learned those lessons in school. But today you're in business. Your brand is YOU. When you sound too timid, you scare away your best clients. 

cathy goodwin copywriting, storytelling for small business

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, storyteller, and strategist. After working with hundreds of business owners, I've learned one thing.

Clients want to hire a winner. They actually want you to brag ... the right way. 

But ... how do you show everybody you're a winner ...especially if you hate to write about yourself?

Bragging 101: Build Your Personal Brand By Telling Stories

This short program helps you:  

  • replace the old "be humble" advice with a professional, non-sleazy marketing mindset
  • feel comfortable writing strong copy that gets prospects to buy
  • differentiate yourself from the competition in a meaningful way
  • avoid the most common mistake that leads smart professionals to sabotage their own brand 
  • actually enjoy talking about yourself (even if you never could before)

OK, Cathy ... What do I get?

You won't get a couple hundred extra pages and a dozen hours of videos packed in to justify a price.  

You get 1 manual, 2 short guidebooks, and 4 short videos to watch at your convenience.  

People tell me this info isn't available anywhere else...yet it's extremely valuable (some say essential) when you begin to create your online presence.  

If you've been hesitating to promote yourself due to Fear of Bragging, you'll be glad you chose this program.  

Just $27 when you buy today ... and backed by my 30-day guarantee. Click on the orange button below to get started.