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If you've never worked with me before, here's an easy way to take the first step. 

Sign up for a one-time 45-minute laser consultation. And if you realize you need more time, we just deduct the cost from a larger project or consultation. 

It's your time, so choose what you'd like to accomplish: one big question or a series of smaller ones? Anything related to marketing, copywriting, storytelling, branding, and strategy is fair game. 

My clients tell me they're surprised by how much we get done in this short session. Bring a "get it done" mindset and a lot of questions. 

Why Work With Cathy Goodwin?

Copywriting and Online Marketing Small Business Consultation with Cathy Goodwin

I've been active in online marketing for well over a decade. With that experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts.

In particular, you'll benefit from my copywriting background. Copywriters (not the bargain basement ones on Craigslist) don't just put words together. We delve into your message, brand and story. We must answer the question, "What makes you special?" 

But copywriters don't just develop clever theories. You'll take your first steps to develop marketing materials that inspire, motivate and impress your audience ... with complete professionalism and zero on the sleaze scale. 

Some of us (e.g., me) know some tech and graphics, too. So we'll help you translate your message into geekspeak so you won't be overwhelmed or surprised by designers or developers. 

My style might best be described as direct: you won't waste time on fluff and you'll get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your marketing, uplevel your copywriting, and implement a successful business strategy.

My credentials include former college professor researcher, published author, professional speaker, experienced copywriter and 10-year veteran of the Internet. 

How Do We Make It Happen? sign up, send me your information and schedule a phone appointment

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Currently - just $97...a special offer for new clients with a small business and a big question.