Remove the one obstacle standing between you and your revenue just 45 minutes.  

What if we could get together in a coffee shop, pull out our laptops, and talk about your business for 45 minutes? 

You wouldn't have to be polite and ask me about my business. We'd focus completely, 100% on your business. 

And I bet if I asked you, "What's the ONE thing that's standing between you and your revenue goals?" you'd know immediately. It might be as small as a landing page or as big as a positioning strategy. 

We'd sip our cappuccinos and figure out how to clear your path so you reach success on your terms.

The virtual coffee shop is open ... you've got a reserved seat! 

It's like meeting in a coffee shop, but better. We don't have to do the whole "you hold the table while I grab the coffee" thing. We just put our heads together to deliver exactly what you most need for your business right now. 

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, storyteller and strategist who's been around for over a decade. You're probably twice as smart as I am, but I get to skip the learning curve. 

And you've been working on this forever: I'll bring a fresh pair of eyes and a whole different perspective.

Borrow my experienced brain: $99 for 45 transformational minutes. 

You walk away with a road map to move forward (and maybe completed the first steps during the consultation). You feel energized. You've just cleared a HUGE block of time in your workday. You're so much closer to achieving your goals.

I'm here for you ...  

How much does it cost you to spend another hour trying to solve a problem, when we could dust it off in 45 minutes? 

Are you staying up late to tweak your copy (or searching frantically online in hopes that someone's already answered your question)? Are you missing dinner with the family again this week ... and losing momentum because you can't find time to take a break? 

"No more excuses! Your time is too valuable."

Click on the big orange button below. Send me a choice of dates and I'll send you a few questions. You're free to send anything so we can dive right in. 

We'll jump on a screen-sharing call together. You set the agenda: your biggest headache, most frustrating obstacle or mosquito-sized annoyance that's driving you nuts. 

We could review your website or sales copy, strengthen your message, or find your story. We could just run through a lightning round of questions. You're not limited: there's no set menu. 

Any marketing, copywriting or storytelling topic is fair game. If you want to run your question by me before you sign up, to see if it's within my scope, send your query here. 

Just to clarify ... this introductory 45-minute consultation is half the length of the 90-minute risk-free consultation. It doesn't include prework or post-call follow-up. We focus on ONE obstacle you'd like to overcome. The clearer you are about what you need, the more benefit you'll get from this call. 

"OK, I'm in!"

"Hi Cathy! I've never worked with you before*, so I'm eligible for a 45-minute consultation, a recording of the call, answers to my questions and a series of action steps I can implement immediately.  

"After I pay, you'll invite me to choose a date and time. And I promise to give at least 24 hours notice if I need to cancel.

"BTW real coffee shops are way too noisy! I'll find a quiet spot where I won't be interrupted. "

Just $99 when you buy today.  

"I'm ready to clear that obstacle
and find success!" 

*If you're a returning client, click here for a comprehensive consultation that will give you many insights, "aha" moments and solutions ... and can be deducted from future projects when we work together.