Strategic Storytelling
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Find Your Story That Sells

You’re a business owner who sells services, courses, and info products. You're an expert, even if you don't call yourself one.

Every day someone asks you, "What's your story?"

They ask you directly, at a networking meeting. Or they ask you silently, while they're reading your website.

So you need a story that establishes you as the go-to person in your field. A story that doesn't stop at "engaging," but goes on to bring you clients, profits, and prestige.

Forget about being vulnerable.  

Clients don't care about your problems. They want to know how you'll help with their problems. They want to know you can deliver what you promise (and they want to be very clear on what you're promising.

Don't let anyone demand a True Confessions story from you, even if they're sitting on a mountain top flying the guru flag.

You don't need a hard-luck story. You don't need to bare your soul. You definitely don't need to tell the story of the time you missed a word on the third-grade spelling bee.

Find the story that shows how you deliver value.

You don't have a story like that? Sure you do. We'll find it.

Your story doesn't have to be about you at all. But it does have to be strategic.,,and that's where I come in.

Spend an hour with me, on a screen-share call, and you'll leave with a story that will make it easier to write content and connect to your favorite clients. A story that inspires confidence and makes you feel good every time you tell it.

Click on the big orange button below. Send me a choice of dates and a brief summary of what you'd like to talk about. You set the agenda: your biggest headache, most frustrating obstacle, or mosquito-sized annoyance that's driving you nuts. We can start with your copy, your story or your big stack of questions scribbled on sticky notes.

Want to ask a question first? Send your query here. 

“Awesome call and now I know the steps to get my business off the ground. I feel very energized now.”  - Yvonne Garris

"OK, I'm in!"

"Hi, Cathy! I am ready for the 60-minute consultation and call recording.

"I realize this call is not a comprehensive consultation like the Strategic Intensive. It's exactly right for me at this time.

"After I pay, you'll invite me to choose a date and time within the next 60 days. I promise to give at least 24 hours' notice if I need to cancel. I also realize there are no refunds for this special offer."

Just $149 through Dec 20, 2021 and may be purchased as a gift).