The Unexpected Conversation That May Just Be The Best Medicine For Your Small Business

“I've Got A Small Business With A Big Marketing Problem..." 

Just a few of the ways you can use this session (it's your call, not mine):

  • Clarify, strengthen and/or develop the message you want to send to your prospects and clients (and start translating your message into action-getting marketing materials)
  • Know exactly when and how to tell your story (so you connect with your prospects without sharing TMI and avoid confusing them with a story that belongs on your no-tell list)
  • Get direct professional feedback on something you're writing -- friendly, supportive and unambiguously helpful
  • Answers to a lightning round of questions or a chance to "talk something through" with an objective, experienced outsider 

 I'm Cathy Goodwin. For over a decade, I've been working with owners of service businesses who want to implement online marketing strategies to reach their goals. I'm honored to be your sounding board, guide, and teacher on your journey. 

If you're at the action stage for any online marketing goal, give yourself this gift of a one-on-one laser session with me. 

Cathy Goodwin copywriter copywriting consulting

The Laser Consultation gives you: 

  • 45 minutes of customized consulting - no BS, no fluff
  • a recording of the consultation for you to keep
  • a VIP gift to any one of my Udemy courses on copywriting and storytelling 
  • a credit of $97 when you sign up for a full consultation, website review or copywriting project within 7 business days after our call  
copywriting laser session consultation with cathy goodwin

"OK, I'm in!"

"Yes, Cathy, I want in! I've never worked with you before, and I'm claiming my results-oriented, energy-generating Laser Consultation for just $97.  

"I understand I'll get your focused attention, the opportunity to pick your brain, a recording of the call, answers to my questions and (if appropriate) a series of action steps I can implement immediately.  

"I understand that you'll invite me to choose a date and time after I send payment. And I need to give at least 24 hours notice if I have to cancel."

Just $97 when you buy today. Click here to get started.