"Fast Forward To Exactly What You Need For Your Business Right Now" 

Whenever I talk to successful business owners -- I mean really talk to them -- they almost always share one secret. 

They didn't do it alone. They brought consultant and coaches into their business -- professionals from the outside who can provide objective insights, perspective and ideas -- at the right time.  

Alas, most experts who would have the biggest impact on your revenue would cost you at least $100K for a year of mentoring. Realistic for most people? No way.  

But what if you could just fast forward to exactly what you need to make a difference for your business, right now, when you most need it -- for just 45 minutes?  

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, storyteller and strategist who's been around for over a decade. As a first-time new client, you can access the same insights that I share with my private 4-figure and 5-figure clients, for just $97. 

How does it work?  

Click on the big orange button below. Send me a choice of dates and I'll send you a questionnaire (and you send me whatever you want me to know before the call, too).

We'll jump on a zoom call together. You set the agenda: your biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities. 

Clients ask me anything -- reviewing website or sales copy, nailing your message, finding your story, figuring out why you're not getting the results you'd like ... or even a lightning round of questions. Whether you're building on an established brand or moving in a new direction, I can work with you to communicate your value and take the next steps to increasing credibility, generating leads and attracting more prospects you'd love to work with. drawing more clients and I can partner with you to define and communicate it to the world.

"OK, I'm in!"

"I understand I'll get a 45-minute consultation, a recording of the call, answers to my questions and a series of action steps I can implement immediately.  

"You'll invite me to choose a date and time after I send payment. And I need to give at least 24 hours notice if I need to cancel."

Just $99 when you buy today.  

"I want to fast forward my business for $99!"