"How To Fast-Track Your Career And Avoid Deadly Mistakes That Keep You Stuck In A Dead End Job"

Why do some people enjoy purposeful, satisfying careers and others keep wondering, "Isn't there something more?" 

The truth is, people with great careers know what to do when they come to a fork in the road. They know when turning left instead of right could lead to a career-killing disaster ... or a window of opportunity that may never come again.

They don't consult crystal balls or know-it-all gurus. They've cracked the intuitive code and know a signal when they see one.
Intuition For Career Decisions helps you guide yourself to the career you've always wanted.  Skip the painful detours and discover the joy of a "can't wait till Monday" career ... even if you never could before.  
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Intuition For Careers contains everything you need to use your intuition to make wise decisions for your career, whether you're in a career change, a job search, a relocation, or any other stage of your journey to succcess.  

For practical-minded, achievement-oriented executives, business owners and professionals. 

This book is for you if you appreciate the power of intuition but live in the real world.

You don't want crystal balls, mediums, wizards and woo-woo. You want a satisfying career, time to enjoy what matters and a lifestyle that gives you freedom and joy. 

Learn to maximize your inner guidance and reach your goals faster and more easily than you believed possible.


A Word From The Author

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., has spent over 10 years helping executives and professionals take charge of their careers. She's written several ebooks and articles and has been interviewed as a career and relocation expert for major media.  

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