The Small Business Credibility Advantage

How To Use Case Studies To Sell Programs and Services To High-End Clients Who Have Been Stubbornly Resisting All Your Other Marketing Efforts

Even if you're not a writer or a storyteller ... and especially if you hate to talk about yourself.

When you're in business to sell professional services, you do a lot of convincing. You convince your prospects that...

...they should hire you, not the 32 other people who seem to be offering the same thing;'re the real deal: you know your stuff and you deliver results;'ll be easy to work with and non-judgmental.

And you have to get their attention in a crowded world and make these claims without a hint of boasting, grandstanding or sleaze.

It's no wonder many business owners get frustrated when they pull out all the stops and their ideal prospects continue to say NO.

The truth is...

...if you're offering a program to anyone who's not a naive beginner, you need to give your marketing an advantage...something that can't be easily copied, because only you could put it out there. today's cluttered market, people respond more strongly to new stories than sales copy. Your prospects might tune out a sales letter but read your well-written case study word for word.'s almost impossible to convey the intangible qualities you bring to your business. A case study lets you showcase your role without showing off.

The Small Business Credibility Advantage: How To Write Case Studies That Convert

A case study is a story that effortlessly shows your client what makes you special. You come across as confident and beyond competent ... without even writing about yourself.

You can use case studies anywhere in your marketing...from full-blown case studies that become your white paper, lead magnets, and blog posts...sto short-form case studies on your sales letters and landing pages.

A case study gives you all the benefits of storytelling ... and more.

You transport the reader to your world .
You maintain suspense so you reach readers with an attention span the size of a gnat
You demonstrate qualities that are almost impossible to communicate in words

But to get these results,AND make the sale, you need to craft your case study...which goes way beyond writing.

You need to...

...choose the story that will become the focus of your case study
...plan your interviews and observation to get exactly the data you need
...use specific writing techniques to build suspense and engage your readers

Let's face it: case studies can feel like a lot of work. That's why so many business owners do not use case studies.

So you gain a HUGE advantage when you use case studies...because chances are your competitors won't.

And I've just made it easy for you, even if you're not a writer.

The Credibility Advantage: Case Studies For Small Business Marketing

Get ready to discover how to use this essential tool to attract new clients ... who may be resistant to everything else you're doing.

The Small Business Credibility Advantage: The Ultimate Guide To Attracting Your Ideal Clients With Compelling Case Studies

A self-paced hands-on study course (with opportunities for my personal support).

This course will...

... help you stand out from the competition with a 3-D view of who you are and how you work

... relieve your client's deepest fears (so they move more quickly to commit to working with you)

... help you reach today's easily-distracted clients who will stop whatever they're doing for the right story

and best of all ... give you the tools and templates to craft compelling case studies (whether you DIY or hire a pro).

Your high-converting case study begins here.

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been in the trenches of copywriting for over a dozen years. Before going online, I was a university professor who wrote and used case studies. As a result, I'm one of the few people who can combine the two elements of case studies - education and marketing.

Many business owners would benefit a great deal from incorporating case studies in their marketing. In particular, if you offer professional services that call for a great deal of trust, a case study is the most effective way for you to demonstrate a combination of expertise and empathy.

What holds most business owners back?

They don't recognize the impact of case studies as a marketing tool.
They don't know how to choose a story that can become a case study.
They don't know how to put the story together in a form that will be compelling as well as professional.

A truly great case study holds the reader's interest far more than a sales letter.

That's why I created this one-of-a-kind course. Storytelling to simplify your copywriting and build connection. The essentials you'll need to get people to say yes. No more, no less.

Join the course with an idea of what you want to communicate in your case study.

Finish the course with a strong draft of a high-converting case study...and the knowledge and confidence to write many more.

entrepreneurship and small business marketing

Module 1: The Case Writing Mindset

Exactly what is a case study? How does it differ from other types of promotions?

You'll replace your copywriting hat (or sales hat) with your case writing mindset. What are some goals that a case study can accomplish for you? We'll dispel some myths and fears most small businesses have and suggest some ways to get started.

Module 2: What to write about: Choose the best topic for your case study.

When you have many clients, you'll have many candidates for your case study. You'll discover exactly how to choose among these options. When you choose your topic with care, your next steps will be straightforward. You'll get a checklist to evaluate your topic so you can choose the best.

entrepreneurship and small business copywriting

Module 3: Structure your story to showcase your expertise and build suspense.

A case study isn't based on '"beginning, middle and end." Discover how to set up a sequence that will keep your audience reading and demonstrate your skills. Discover how to maintain momentum, how long your study should be and how to allocate space to the different components.

Module 4: How to invite clients to participate and ask them questions.

When you don't ask the right questions, you (or your copywriter) won't be able to create a useable case study. Discover the secret to creating meaningful questions by working directly towards your final narrative. We'll also talk about some ways to ask questions to avoid missing key points or getting useless information.

You'll also get specific guidance on inviting your client to participate in the case study and get the permissions you need to avoid conflict later.

Module 5: How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Writing Your Case Study

Writing up your notes can seem overwhelming. You have so many notes...and you want a document that flows smoothly. This module walks you through a system I've developed to move from your notes to your first draft. You'll also get a series of writing tips that I've put together after years of writing cases as an academic and a marketer.W

Module 6: How to Use Your Case Study As A Marketing Tool

Now that you've written your case study, where will you use it? We'll talk about ways to get maximum value from your case study.

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