Use Your Stories To Attract Your Best Clients (Even If You Hate To Write & Don't Want To Be A Copywriter)

Are you planning your Next Big Thing - a course, program, or product - and you need to write a sales letter ... with high-converting, professional copy?

But you're feeling stuck. You face a blank screen. You aren't sure of the steps you need to take your idea into a high-converting sales letter.

And you don't want to become a copywriter. You don't have time for a long course. You don't want any more late nights reworking your copy. You want hands-on help to conquer overwhelm and stop feeling stuck.

Get ready to discover this exciting new way to learn copywriting...with a focus on storytelling, the new tool that's become essential to every marketer's toolbox.

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Copywriting For Non-Copywriters: The Ultimate Guide To Connecting With Your Best Clients By Sharing Your Best Stories

A copywriting course that will...

... erase all your excuses for not attracting clients with your websites, sales letters, and landing pages (because you'll know the essential tips and tricks the pros use).

... help you write copy with 2X the impact in half the time (because stories help you reach clients and make copywriting infinitely easier)

... help you reach today's easily-distracted clients who will stop whatever they're doing for the right story

and best of all ... give you the big-picture essentials so you get the 20% of copywriting that accounts 80% of the conversion success rate.

Your high-converting sales letter begins here.

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been in the trenches copywriting for over a dozen years. More and more, my clients want to write their own copy but they don't want to become copywriters. They want to use storytelling, but they don't want to lose professionalism or bare their soul.

And they're way too busy to sit through a long program that's going to be overkill. They want to learn the basics and move on.

That's why I created this one-of-a-kind course. Storytelling to simplify your copywriting and build connection. The essentials you'll need to get people to say yes. No more, no less.


Join the course with an idea for a program or product you want to sell - even if you're in the early stages and your idea feels vague.

Finish the course with a confident plan, a core story,
and a strong draft of a high-converting sales letter.

entrepreneurship and small business marketing

Module 1: 3 The foundation stories you need to make your copy irresistible

Nail these 3 things - and your copywriting just got 10X easier and more compelling. Find your story archetype and the 5 components of SMART storytelling so you'll reach your audience - not somebody else's.

You do these things before you write a single word. Pro copywriters never skip these steps. Amateurs always do.

Exercise: Blueprint your copy with your core story.

Module 2: Build the 2 pillars of persuasion: authority and empathy (and overcome your buyer's hidden fears).

Thursday June 27- 2 PM Eastern/NY

When people won't buy (especially if you have a high-ticket or high-risk service), they're probably scared to death of you. They're afraid you won't deliver - or you'll treat them so badly they'll want to crawl in a hole).

You'll learn the wordsmithing tools behind headlines and bullets - and how to use copywriting tools to generate trust and make it easier for them to get to "yes" faster.

Exercise: Use stories to write your bullets and headlines - the building blocks of your copy.

entrepreneurship and small business copywriting

Module 3: Write a first draft that mirrors your prospect's decision process.

Tuesday June 30 - 2 PM Eastern/NY

Your sales letter responds to the story that's inside your client's head ... using the style and language of your own story archetype.

We'll work together to structure your page so your clients (if they're a good fit) will recognize your offer as the solution to their problem.

Discover how a few tweaks to your Call To Action and even your buy buttons will change the way readers respond to your copy.

Exercise: Just do it: write your first draft. We'll review them during the session and in the FB group.

Module 4: Fix the top 3 mistakes that sabotage the best copywriting -- and the micro-steps that take good copy and make it great.

These mistakes are shockingly easy to spot, once you know where to look. They're even easier to fix. Learn a process to review your copy systematically ... so you feel totally confident when you hit the "go" button and publish.

We'll also focus on ways to beat writer's block, build creativity, and think like a copywriter (which also makes you a better marketer).

Exercise: Polish your draft with my 3-step process and plan how you will test and implement your campaign.

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Free access to my course, Build Your Brand One Story At A Time, so you'll discover new ways storytelling can help grow your business.

Bonus #1: Become A Ninja Storyteller

Bonus #2: Recordings of each session and copies of slides, because you'll get new insights into the material as you continue to practice.

Bonus #3: Private Facebook group where I'll give you friendly support and guidance as you practice in a safe space.

SPECIAL BONUS: Enjoy a Get It Done work session. Bring your copy and I'll be there to answer questions and set up "work sprints," We'll work together for 90 minutes - long enough for a transformation of your sales letter.

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