Small Business Owners...

You don't have to do this alone.

“Borrow my brain for a marketing consultation that strengthens your message, jazzes your content and leaps over your tallest obstacles to action."

You’re smart. You know how to deliver solid results for your clients. You genuinely believe in what you're offering.

But you've come to a fork in the road. You wish you had a roadmap to plan the next move for your business. You're staying up late writing content for your next campaign. Your website's been a "work in progress" for months (not your fault - your helpers keep disappearing). You got the memo about "Tell your story," but nobody's telling you how.  

And frankly, there's never enough time to write all the content you need for today's online marketing demands.

What you need is someone who can brainstorm with you, give you a broader perspective, ask thought-provoking questions that lead to "aha" moments ... and maybe help you tell a story or two. You want advice that translates into action and you don't want fluff, theory or fakery.  

My Power Hour consultation works. You get 90 minutes (in one or two sessions). And you're not left hanging. When you start taking action, you'll probably have new questions. Unlike most consultations, mine include follow-up email coaching. 

You get my 100% focused attention to develop customized action plans and unique insights -- no small talk and no fluff. You’ll walk away with implementation steps and confidence that you know just what to do to reach your goals.  

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"So much value in one short call!"  

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.  

"Just 60 minutes into our 90-minute call, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points. We revised the wording and structure of my Home Page, totally redirected my About Page and a whole lot more!  

"It wasn’t just theory – we actually started drafting the copy and headlines. Our session was fun and I enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with Cathy.  

 "Cathy went through my materials and teased out what was useful and what wasn’t (and she told me exactly what to get rid of in a no-nonsense style!). She helped me think through my message so the words and the website support my purpose and express the value I deliver to my clients."  

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach 

"Straight from the shoulder advice"  

 "I signed up for a consultation because I need a website makeover and I need to redefine my niche.  

"Cathy gave me excellent advice for doing both. She suggested specific directions for my website and gave me guidance on choosing between the two niches I was considering.  

"To my surprise, Cathy actually recommended I take other specific actions before or during my website makeover, to get a faster start on my coaching business.  

 "Unlike some coaches, Cathy doesn't beat around the bush. She's very direct and she tells it like it is, so you don't waste time and you get exactly what you need. If you're ready to take action and get straight-from-the-shoulder advice, without sugarcoating, I'd recommend Cathy's consultation."  

Melissa C. Martin, Career Coach For Canadians Transitioning from Mlitary To Civilian Life 

copywriting and online marketing consultation
online marketing and copywriting consultation

"Planned my website and message in just 1 call"  

“When planning a new business venture, I realized I needed a website. I was not sure what would be involved. In just one session, Cathy helped me clarify my message and establish the page-by-page website setup.  

"Our consultation exceeded my expectations – it was enjoyable as well as inspirational. As an experienced business owner, I’d say it was a very worthwhile investment.”  

Robert E. Barker, United Kingdom 

"Gave me clarity and confidence"

“I had a 30-minute call as a bonus for purchasing a product. For the past 2 years, I've been immersing myself in the culture of a new career. Although I have two advanced degrees, the information has been overwhelming -- learning about copywriting, technology, social media and just running a business.  

"In just 30 minutes, your input gave me clarity. I'm now confident about how to define my market and what steps to take to research and reach my target audience."

Verbiann Hardy  

Here's what you get when we work together. 

  • Prework before each call so we hit the ground running
  • Recorded calls - 90 minutes in 1 or 2 calls.  
  • Answers to questions that arise after the call (via email coaching)
  •  Free access to 2 of my Udemy courses: "Copywriting For Non-Copywriters" "Stories for Small Business"
  • Email summary of the call(s) 

Copywriting and Online Marketing Small Business Consultation with Cathy Goodwin

Choose your preferred working style: 

"Simmer and Stir" 

2 45-Minute Recorded Calls Within 30 Days 

30 Days of Email Q&A Follow-Up 

2 Udemy courses  


"Deep Dive" (Most Popular)

1 90-Minute Recorded Call  

10 Days of Email Q&A Follow-Up  

2 Udemy courses



"Laser Focus On 1 Question"


30-Minute Call + Recording 



Why set up a consultation with a copywriter -- wouldn't I hire you only for writing?

As a copywriter my focus is on implementation ("how will we make the rubber hit the road?"). Along the way, we often uncover unexpected opportunities. A copywriter is your best choice when you're looking for actionable solutions (as well as stronger copy and messaging). 

Do I need to know anything about copywriting?

Some of my clients are brand new to the world of marketing. Some are pro copywriters, looking for an outside opinion. Most are somewhere in between. 

Can I send you some background info before the call?  

 Yes. Once you book your session, you'll be invited to send me drafts, background info and more. Once you've given me some background, I'lI send questions tailored to your specific agenda. I’ll also ask you to define your priority for the call so we can structure the time effectively.

What types of businesses do you work with?

Small service businesses and independent professionals. I've worked with a few retail and ecommerce businesses. 

Do you offer project-based, monthly consulting?  

Yes. This call will give us a sense of how we might work together. You may find that one session is enough, and that's fine. If you'd like to book 3 months with 2 calls per month, you'll get a special rate.

Suppose I want you to write the copy for a project?

Sign up within 10 business days after the call and we'll apply the full amount to your project. 

Can we meet in person? 

I work by phone or a virtual meeting platform. Makes it easier for everyone and lets me offer you a recording and summary. 

What if I miss the call? 

As with most professional calls, you're free to cancel with a minimum 24 hours notice for any reason at all. Occasionally emergencies arise and we'll work around yours. Because this time slot has been reserved, there are no refunds. You may reschedule with a $50 fee.