Professional Website Development For Coaches, Consultants & Professional Service Businesses  

A client-attracting website communicates your brand and value proposition:  

  • A Home Page to engage your ideal prospects and begin building a productive, profitable relationship 
  • An About Page to help you stand out from your competitors and show prospects exactly why they should hire you 
  • A "Work With Me" Page that helps prospects choose an offer and feel confident saying "yes"  
  • A Contact Page that clears the path for visitors to become clients  
  • Intuitive navigation so prospects spend more time on your site (which means they're more likely to buy)
  • Option to get a "ready to go" website with a premium theme, using images you supply 
  • Option to upgrade to higher-end designs where I help you choose a designer, get quotes and manage the project for you

Get everything you need ... and ONLY what you need. 

Many web development companies and designers give you a process so complicated, it would scare away a rocket scientist. Others promise you a "complete website" but forget the most important component - the content. 

We give you a website development process that combines quality with simplicity and fast turn-around. You can work with me through the full sequence, or stop at any time and choose to DIY or find an alternate resource.  

When you work through the process in this sequence, you'll not only increase your chances of getting a website that delivers clients and establishes your expertise. You'll get a website that's actually finished. 

Phase 1: Planning And Strategy: You get a short questionnaire to complete, and I thoroughly review your existing website, materials, notes and background information. We then schedule a 90 minute phone call to review your branding and targeting strategy and develop your "3 marketing stories" that will be the foundation of your marketing content strategy. We identify ways to turn each page into a lead generation tool and discuss the best way for you to get traffic and leads. We review and (if appropriate) name your service packages for maximum impact. Your deliverable is a "creative brief" with detailed specifications for your website. You also get an mp3 downloadable recording of the call so you don't need to take notes. $750  

Phase 2: Copywriting for 4 Website Pages: Home, About, Services, and Contact Pages. You get website copy delivered in HTML, Microsoft Word, or directly into your existing Wordpress site. $750 (if selected and paid within 1 week of Phase 1) Additional pages range from $100 - $250. The total scope will be discussed in Phase 1 and you'll get a complete plan and final estimate.

Phase 3: If you don't have a Wordpress site, my virtual team will set it up for you. Your copy will be installed on a premium Wordpress theme (included), with images you supply, widgets, a place for your blog, and an optin page for growing your list. You'll get an attractive website as you choose from a selection of Wordpress themes. Bonus: I personally edit your 5-page lead magnet or create 2 400-word blog posts. $750 (if paid within 1 week after you sign off on Phase 2). 

Phase 4: When you need something really special - a knock-your-socks off website, an ecommerce platform, a scheduling option, or a knock-your-socks off design -- you need to work with a professional designer. This phrase makes sense only if you're an established professional. You know your market and you know you'll get the ROI for your website costs.  

In this phase, I can help you choose or vet the designer and servve as your "systems analyst" or go-between. Get a custom quote depending on complexity of project (available only 1 week after you sign off). .  

THE CATHY GOODWIN "I'VE GOT YOU BACK" BONUS: When you work with me on any phase, you're free to call me with questions. "I got this funny note from my web host." Or, "I got this design quote for $5000 - does this seem reasonable?" Or, "I'm starting to offer online courses. What's the best way to set it up?" I still get message from clients who worked with me five and ten years ago.


To begin, click on the button to send me a message. Please let me know the scope of your project, any special requirements, your estimated starting date and your deadline. I will let you know if I'm available and send you a link to pay for Phase I. 

Once we start, I'll send you a request for information and encourage you to send me everything you have related to the project: notes, images, recordings, videos ... anything you've gotten so far. 

You'll also be asked to suggest 2 to 3 dates and times for a 90-minute phone consultation. I'm on Eastern/NY time and usually schedule the start of a call between 8 AM and 4 PM Eastern/NY M-Th.  

Be aware that my schedule fills up quickly. If you have a deadline, please start as early as possible. Rush jobs are available with a surcharge. 

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