For Business Owners, Independent Professionals, Coaches, and Startups...

"Get Answers To Your Top 3 Marketing Questions And Take The First Step To Reach Your Business Goals... 

...In Just 90 Minutes"

This consultation offers you a "safe space" to get clear on what's missing from your marketing, what needs cultivating and what needs trimming ... based on where you are right now and where you'd like to be in the next 6 months or 6 years. 

We work with questions like ...

  • Is your message coming through?
  • Is it easy for your audience to understand why you're different?  
  • Are you inspiring your audience to take action? 
  • How can you get better results from your website or landing page?

We'll dig into your most burning questions about your brand, your strengths, your niche and your message.

The time you spend with me in this consultation will have you thinking about your message and your marketing in new ways (and feeling confident, excited and enthusiastic to take action). 

You'll identify how to revise your copy, tweak your brand or morph your message -- adding the special twist that makes you "special" - - so your audience is eager to connect with you and to buy.

copywriting consultation "power hour" with cathy goodwin

Includes a 1.5 hour consultation, pre-work, a recording of the call, a 2-3 page summary, and 2 weeks of follow-up email coaching.

About Cathy Goodwin

Cathy Goodwin Copywriting and Online Marketing Consultation

I've been in the online marketing game for well over a decade. With that experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts.  

My style might best be described as direct: you won't waste time on fluff and you'll get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your marketing, uplevel your copywriting, or implement a successful business strategy.

My credentials include university professor, researcher, published author, professional speaker ... and veteran of open-mic standup comedy.  

After living all over North America (including Canada and Alaska), I now live in the historic district of Philadelphia, spending free time in animal rescue, ceramic sculpture and enjoying the many cultural resources of this wonderful city. 

 What Others Say 

Copywriting Consultation Cathy Goodwin Testimonial

"So much value in one short call!"

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.

"After just 60 minutes, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points. We revised the wording and structure of my Home Page, totally redirected my About Page and a whole lot more! 

"It wasn’t just theory – we actually started drafting the copy and headlines. Our session was fun and I enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with Cathy.

 "Cathy went through my materials and teased out what was useful and what wasn’t (and she told me exactly what to get rid of in a no-nonsense style!). She helped me think through my message so the words and the website support my purpose and express the value I deliver to my clients." 

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach 

copywriting and online marketing consultation

"Straight from the shoulder advice"

 "I signed up for a consultation because I need a website makeover and I need to redefine my niche. 

"Cathy gave me excellent advice for doing both. She suggested specific directions for my website and gave me guidance on choosing between the two niches I was considering. 

"To my surprise, Cathy actually recommended I take other specific actions before or during my website makeover, to get a faster start on my coaching business.

 "Unlike some coaches, Cathy doesn't beat around the bush. She's very direct and she tells it like it is, so you don't waste time and you get exactly what you need. If you're ready to take action and get straight-from-the-shoulder advice, without sugarcoating, I'd recommend Cathy's consultation." 

Melissa C. Martin, Career Coach For Canadians Transitioning from Mlitary To Civilian Life 

online marketing and copywriting consultation

"Planned my website and message in just 1 call"

“When planning a new business venture, I realized I needed a website. I was not sure what would be involved. 

“In just one session, Cathy helped me clarify my message and establish the page-by-page website setup.

"Our consultation exceeded my expectations – it was enjoyable as well as inspirational. As an experienced business owner, I’d say it was a very worthwhile investment.” 

Robert E. Barker, United Kingdom 

Count me in! Sign me up for a consultation. I understand I'll get 

... consultation pre-work so we'll jump in and start working immediately

... 90-minute productive, enjoyable phone consultation totally customized to my needs and desires

... 2 weeks email followup

... a plan to get more clients with my online marketing and copywriting

This cost gets applied to any full-ength copywriting project moving forward!