7 Reasons To Hire Cathy Goodwin As Your Copywriting Coach

Speed Up Your Learning Curve

"Haven't written a sales letter in ages. Where are the notes from that copywriting course? Need answers NOW." 

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Level Up Your Launch. 

"New program - need to make sure all ducks are lined up and all bases covered."

Get Distance From Your Copy 

"Been working with the copy so much, everything's starting to run together. Need an objective viewpoint."

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Find A New Direction.

"Sales are down ... and no idea why. Need a copy makeover like, yesterday." 

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"Too busy."

"If my time's worth so much an hour, and copy coaching saves me 7 hours...it's fifth grade math."

"Too Successful." 

"Why am I spending hours tweaking this copy when I could be bringing in money, doing what I do best?" 


Peace Of Mind.  

"It would be SO nice to fix my copywriting problems! Then I can focus on the fulfilling, fun part of my business ... and enjoy getting stronger results from my copy.  

Copy Coaching Delivers Results! 

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"Knows how to teach copywriting"  

 "When Cathy worked with clients at my live events and boot camps, I heard a lot of ‘Wows!’ She has a knack for identifying just what they need and she’s a natural teacher.  

"Cathy was one of my Top 50 Coolest Marketers for two years running, and we've collaborated on projects over the years. She knows her stuff. I'd suggest you hire her before she raises her rates."  

Lorrie Morgan Internationally Known Copywriter RedHotCopy.com 

"Straightforward, actionable advice"  

  "Cathy had a lot of straightforward actionable advice. I appreciated that she didn't beat around the bush. She got right to it, with direct feedback and solutions.  

"Cathy's recommendations were very specific and easy to apply. There was definitely no fluff and no wasted time: we didn’t just talk about theory, we began implementing solutions during the call.  

"Cathy walks the line between being an expert in her business and knowing you are an expert in yours. She isn't about cookie-cutter philosophies and 'you have to do it this way' but rather shared her opinion and expertise and worked with me in fine tuning my message so I could use it uniquely in my own work."  

Nancy Jane Smith Life Coach and Psychotherapist Live-Happier.com 

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""Got to the real message"  

"I just wanted to send you a thank you for the session today. Your insights and suggestions are a fresh perspective for updating my website and sales copy.  

"I especially liked the way you were able to drive to the real message by asking pointed questions that ultimately make better copy than the flowery sales language I was using before. I’m a ‘get to the message’ girl who doesn’t tolerate fluff, and your approach fits right with that!  

"I’ve been modeling my copy around all those ‘you have to do it this way’ approaches, and hearing your direct suggestions was such a delight (and relief)!"  

Lisa Akers Herbal Solutions LisaAkers.com 

About Cathy Goodwin 

“When I started copywriting, I was surprised to discover how many successful business owners chose to write their own copy... even when they could afford to keep a private copywriter on speed dial. 

"I was even more surprised to learn that these ardent DIY copywriters weren't exactly Lone Rangers. Even top marketing pros hire copy coaches and recommend us to their clients.  

"Everybody hires us. Nobody talks about us. 

"Having been around the Internet for over a decade, I can fix most common marketing problems quickly and simply. I've also learned that each business is unique. As your copy coach, I'll 'get' where you're coming from. My coaching supports your style, personality, and purpose. 

"In just one session, we delve deeply into your current copywriting challenges. You'll come away from this single session with fresh ways to make your copy more conversational and effective...as well as fixes to your marketing that will strengthen your message and enhance your bottom line."

Here's how we make it happen ...  

... You sign up; send the draft of your current website, sales letter or other project; and schedule a phone appointment  

... I review your copy (and might send you some notes or questions).  

... we hold a 90-minute screen-share call to discuss the copy  

The call is customized to focus on what's most important to you. We usually include some or all of these topics (but it's your call and your agenda): 

-- your "it" factor - what makes you special to your audience -- the "grab factor" of your copy: do you gain and hold attention -- the "tone" factor - voice, personality, persuasiveness and professionalism -- the flow factor: do you engage your audience with stories, metaphors and word pictures -- the basics: headlines, sub-heads, bullets, structure, wordsmithing  

You also get ...  

...option for a SECOND 30-minute one-to-one screen share call to discuss your progress (if scheduled within 30 days of the first session -- otherwise will not be included)

... written notes and summary of each call with recommended resources (review the highlights of the call in a quick glance)  

... video recording of the call 

... 30 days of email follow up coaching after your first call -- ask me anything! - one message, M-F  

... a laser video critique of your revised website, sales letter or other content (if you send it within 10 business days after the call)  

BONUS #1: free access to my Udemy course on copywriting (or another Udemy course if you've already completed this one)  

BONUS #2: free access to my "become a copywriter" course 

Currently - just $495 for the whole package: calls, pre-work, email coaching, video critique and bonuses. Longer-term packages available after we've worked together for at least one session.  


I want you to make the best decision for your business. So keep in mind that copywriting problems rarely get better on their own. (Believe me, I know.

If you've got a window of opportunity, and you need to fix that copy, delays can be costly, in stress as well as money. 

When you delay your copy, you postpone the moment when you see revenue from your offer. 

And when you prematurely send off half-baked copy, your audience gets confused. You're seen as inconsistent or even flaky. (Yep, been there, done that.)

Any copy coach worth her salt will have limited time slots for new clients. If you're facing a deadline, or just tired of walking around with this copy albatross around your neck, don't delay. Book early so you'll not only move fast -- you'll have time to live with your new copy, make revisions, and take advantage of the laser video critique that's included with your coaching.