The Small Business Client Advantage

Finally: Nail Your Target Market & Discover What They Are Looking For

A shockingly simple and fun way to get inside your client's motivation, hit their hot buttons, and increase your sales.

If you're a service-based business owner seeking clients, you know your marketing starts with the question:

"Who's my ideal target audience? What do they want?"

If you can't answer this question, you might as well not bother writing out your sales letter, landing page, or lead magnet.

But finding your clients can feel like searching for a lump of coal on a cold, dark night. How do you learn what they want? How do you start talking to them?

You might begin with demographics ("women over 35 who live in urban areas") or even psychographics ("upscale lifestyle, watches only PBS and reads the New Yorker").

But that doesn't tell you their problems, pains, and puzzles.

You try to write to just one person. You see her sitting next to you at the bar. But ... what's her story? what's she not telling you?

Frustrated, you plan a whole marketing campaign...and your inner voice tells you, "Nobody wants this."

Your sales numbers confirm what you suspected.

You just don't know enough about your clients. And you're not sure how to learn more.

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Introducing: The Small Business Client Advantage

A short self-paced training program to help you finally understand where your client is coming from. That means learning their story -- where they're coming from (literally and metaphorically), what's not working, what are they doing so far...and a few things they're not telling you.

Turn your marketing into a conversation.

Imagine reaching out to your prospects and feeling like you're talking to a good friend over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

  • You learn where he's hurting.
  • You "get" her "must-haves" and her deal-breakers.
  • You sense their frustration with trying things that don't work...their panic at what will happen if they don't find a solution... their determination to make things happen.

    And you respond with offers that fit their needs you get more clients with a lot less effort.

    You know what offers to create. You know what words to use when you write the copy. You know what to put in your lead magnets and your sales letters...and even what to offer as bonuses for your signature programs.

Why I Created This Program

Like many of my clients, I struggled to identify an avatar or ideal client. I answered the questions: "Who are they?" "Where do they live?" "What's going on in their business?"

I created avatars that seemed really solid. But somehow my copy didn't reach my clients.

But when I wrote copy for other business owners, my copy nailed the message and hit a bunch of home runs. What was the difference?

When I worked with clients, we reviewed their target audience's back story. We asked impertinent questions (well, not directly, but we did!). We delved into their history - not just their current need. And we brushed away all the extras that made for a good story but didn't move prospective buyers along the path.

Since I've been working with stories, I've become more attuned to the way people describe their themselves as well as to others.

I've learned the importance of choosing the right story for you and your marketing.

Learning How to Apply Your Client's Backstory Will Mean the Difference Between Writing Endless Reams of Copy and Moving Quickly To Write Copy That Converts

Discovering your client's backstory will help sales letters, lead magnets, and even guide you to develop lucrative programs and products.

  • You'll not only discover what clients are looking for. You'll understand how to fill in the gaps for them -- giving them the solution they didn't know they were looking for.
  • You'll move more smoothly and confidently to pivot to a new audience...and find new opportunities among your current tribe.
  • You'll easily assess whether your new program meets a genuine need...or becomes a bland, slow-selling "nice to have."

So you gain a HUGE advantage when you work with your client's backstory...because most business owners don't.

$67 when you buy today (regular price $97).

The Small Business Client Advantage: The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Clients REAL Motivation.

A straightforward, shockingly simple way to figure out what's going on with your prospect, what they're not telling you ... and where you can help.

Normally $97.
Just $67 when you buy today.

6 Short Modules: Everything You Need To Understand Your Clients
With No Excess Filling or Fluff

Module 1: Learn about your client without becoming psychic

Why do some clients seem really hard to understand? Why do they resist getting to know you? And what's the difference between your story and their story?

Module 2: How can you build on what's been working up to now?

The Marketing 101 methods work for some kinds of businesses - but probably not yours. Discover why traditional approaches won't work - and what can be transformed when you add stories to the mix.

Module 3: Why your client's backstory might also be called their "baggage story"

Where does the backstory fit into your marketing? Avoid the easiest mistake - confusing their backstory with your marketing story.

Get a TEMPLATE you can use to put together your client's baggage story.

Module 4: Exactly how to find and write your client's backstory

Start with the Backstory Template to create the 3 core parts of your client's backstory. Discover 2 optional parts that can enhance their story and make it even easier to write the copy.

Module 5: Getting inside their heads:
5 Ways to Research Your Client's Story

Start with the premise that your clients can't always answer the question, "What do I want?" But they always have a story to tell. You just have to ask the questions that jostle their memories and help them become self-aware.

You'll get a walk-through of using Amazon to find a client's backstory and an overview of 5 ways to learn more about your clients.

Special bonus: Interviews can be extremely difficult to implement. You have to find people to interview and then ask them questions. The course includes a special bonus recording (from a live call) explaining exactly how to find clients, what to ask, and how to summarize the data.

Module 6: Ramp up your persuasive power with your client's backstories

What's the best place to use your client's backstory? What if there seems to be just one industry backstory -- and you want to stand out? Or. if everyone brings you a different backstory?

And what if you're just starting out...or repositioning? What if your current audience has created a new story?

Now that you’ve nailed the basics, it's time to apply them and get ready to be surprised by the results.


BONUS: Recordings of each session and copies of slides, because you'll get new insights into the material as you continue to practice

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