First Inning Of Your Second Career

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When you've outgrown your career, feel inklings that it's time for a change or are no longer able to continue your current career path. 

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When you experience a significant disruption in your career, and you ar forced to respond...a layoff, bad review, new boss, or culture change.


When you're trying to decide whether to relocate, accept an offer, return to school or make any choice that will hold significant consequences.  

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 Why Work With A Career Consultant? 

Cathy Goodwin, Copywriter

When you face a career challenge, it's usually difficult (if not impossible) to get advice that's the real deal - not the same old party line. Career situations aren't always fair and often you'll be too close to the situation to sort it out.  

It's even harder if you've been working awhile and you've achieved some success as an executive or professional. The rule for career change are different from the rules for career success. 

I like to say career success is like playing NFL football: you're assigned a position, you follow the playbook, and you're not encouraged to be creative. Career change is like playing playground basketball: no rules, no coach, and you have to figure out what's going on. 

Additionally, as you become more senior in your field, it's harder to find confidantes. You maintain your game face at work. Families don't always understand the dynamics of your career. 

My consultations are confidential within the limits of the law. I've worked with professionals in a many fields. I don't just repeat the party line. I've developed my own theories and approaches. Clients say things like, "I know what to do now." Sometimes they say, "I got a good night's sleep for the first time since that happened." 

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