During a career change or job search, questions come up all the time. If you're a busy goal-oriented person, you probably don't want to wait for a scheduled consultation. You want answers now - and not just one-liners.

This program offers ...  

... an easy way for you to get immediate answers to questions, brainstorm with an unbiased outsider, and get tips that can take weeks (or months) off your learning curve.  

... ongoing interaction so you feel someone's got your back and you're never alone  

... an affordable way to work with an experienced consultant without the big-ticket sticker prices of one-to-one phone consultations.

career ecoaching

Can you relate to these scenarios:  

"I'm a busy professional with a tight schedule! I can't set up times to consult in person or by phone, but I can use a resource to accelerate my career goals." 

"I need a career consultant who will be part of my career management team, available when I need to bounce an idea about a forthcoming interview, meeting or puzzling encounter. " 

"I’m self-motivated and happy with my progress, but I could use a sounding board who will provide ongoing support so I can get results faster than I would otherwise."  

"I've just started a new job and I want a good start. I need a trusted confidante so I can share ideas."

"My career change is going to take awhile. I want ongoing interaction with a career professional but I don't want to pay for one-to-one phone coaching."

Many clients find e-coaching is as powerful as phone coaching and sometimes even more effective.

career change e-coaching

For ongoing coaching, e-coaching may be your perfect solution.

Here's why:  

  • As you compose an email, you begin to frame your question in a way that invites solutions - sometimes even before you send the message.  
  •  You get a reply when you need it, not based on a calendar appointment.  
  • You get fast links to resources, screen shots from the computer and more.  
  • You have a written record of the information you need, so you don't need to take notes or try to remember what we discussed.  
  • You get messages that are easy to understand, customized and personalized - not cookie cutter or general.  

Clients tell me they find my messages comprehensive and easy to read. You'll also get my usual direct "East Coast" energy style (the warm version, not the obnoxious one). You're not paying me to gloss over your questions or sugarcoat the realities.  

You benefit from focus and consistency. When we're exchanging messages almost daily, you will remain focused on your goals and you are more likely to take action.  

If these benefits resonate with you, I'd encourage you to sign up now to secure your spot.

"Sounds good...but how does it actually work?"

career coaching guidelines

This type of program needs some guidelines to run smoothly and deliver a quality experience for you.  

Every coaching day (Monday-Thursday except bank holidays), you’ll receive an email from me, with an answer to your most recent question. If you haven't asked a question (and very few people have a question EVERY day) you won't hear from me.  

If you take action on these answers, your career will be in a different place after 30 days. The actual amount of change will depend on your unique situation, your ability to take action and other factors. Keep questions concise and realistic. You'll find that phrasing your questions actually gets your brain oriented to a new perspective and even a solution.  

Send one question each day for me to answer. If you have more than one question on that day, make a note to send it the following day. Share as much detail as you like.  

  • To be fair to others, if you ask more than one question in your email, I will answer the first and invite you to ask the others on subsequent days.  
  • You may decide to skip a question on some days. You can't skip Monday and ask two questions on Tuesday - that's not fair to others.  
  • Experienced e-coaching clients keep a file - paper or computer - of questions as they arise, so they never run out of time.

"Yes, I'm interested! What's the cost?"  

Your investment for one month of Personal E-Coaching is just $250.  

Currently I am running a special. After you have booked ONE month, you may book TWO more months for $400 - a total of $600 for three months. Because of the special price, there are no refunds and changes can be made only in the case of emergency.

"Yes, I am ready for 30 days of e-coaching. I have read the guidelines in this sales letter and I'm ready to roll!"