Out on the open highway was a business owner, desperately searching for a way to share her message.

She knew she was unique and special in the way she served her clients. 

Yet her business blended into the crowd. Just the way an autumn leaf blended into the landscape. 

"If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all," she thought bitterly.

The business owner soon encountered a wise old copywriting wizard, cleverly disguised as a fellow hiker. 

"I'm on on a quest for a standout brand," said the business owner. "Maybe I need a logo. Or some strong language to liven up my style." 

"None of that!" said the wizard. "You need to tell your stories."

"But I don't know how!" cried the business owner. "The big companies hire high-powered writers to spin their stories and create compelling narratives."

"It's all here," said the wizard. "Just follow this trail and turn left at the oak tree."

The business owner blinked. The wizard was gone. 

In her hand the business owner held a scrap of paper with the words "4 Ways To Build A Standout Brand By Telling Stories." 

"What's an oak tree?" muttered the business owner. "Oak, elm, maple ... I'm a city girl." 

Never mind. Just click on the link below and gain access to the secrets the wizard was eager to share. 

"Send me the FREE guide:  4 Ways To Brand My Business With Stories!"