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Stand-Out Branding Begins With Your Story

Do you...

...have a hard time explaining, "This is what makes me different"

...aren't sure what parts of your story will carry your brand message

...realize how you're special but can't find the words to wrap around the concept

When you find your branding story, you'll attract clients who ...

... don't go window-shopping (they've already found who they need)

... pay your prices because they know you deliver value

... don't need to be sold over and over again

Your standout strategy begins here.

My name is Cathy Goodwin and I've got a system to uncover your branding story - what makes you stand out in your target market. I specialize in helping small service business owners get more clients with less effort.

To help these clients, I created a process to uncover the story that helps you stand out, even in a crowded market. That means telling not just A story, but the RIGHT story.

Here's what you'll get in the Small Business "Stand Out With A Story" program:

  • You'll know exactly what story to tell to differentiate yourself and gain an advantage over your competitors

  • You'll walk confidently into networking events and get-acquainted calls with prospective clients

  • You won't spin your wheels and pull all-nighters trying to write high-converting marketing copy

  • You'll get over your fear of bragging and feel so confident, your prospects will want to get on your team
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To attract your ideal clients, you need to do 4 things:

- get inside your client's mind and find their story
- find your story that matches the client's backstory
- learn how to tell that story
- implement your new marketing campaign

The Stand Out With Your Story program walks you through these steps in four modules that are easy to follow.

How to get inside your client's mind and find the RIGHT story for your brand advantage.

NOTE: Dates/times may be changed. Recordings will be available.

4 Essential Components of a meaningful brand that differentiates you from the pack

5 ways to research your client's backstory (with templates and suggested questions)

What is a client backstory and how do you find one

What your client isn't telling you (but will make the difference between a yes and a no)

branding for small service businesses

How to find your story to resonate with your client's backstory.

Five story archetypes that will contain your brand (and writing that sales letter becomes a piece of cake)

How to recognize what parts of your story will motivate your clients (and what will send them away)

How to turn your unique expertise into a high-impact brand

How one story leads to another (so you effortless create a portfolio of stories and choose the best one for your audience)

storytelling for small business marketing or service business marketing

How To Tell Your Brand Story

Being a storyteller calls for a different talent compared to finding your story. Walt Disney was a storyteller - not a story creator.

How to put your story into words that clearly get your point across in an entertaining way (without sacrificing truth or authenticity to gain attention)

How to know what parts of your story that you need to keep (and what can be dropped easily)

Special tips on relating your story to your audience

Gain attention when you tell stories to a live audience

brand for small service business with copywriting

How To Implement Your New Marketing Campaign

Many great stories never become compelling marketing tools - but yours will.

How to your story helps you differentiate yourself on your About Page, LinkedIn profile or bio

How using your story will simplify your website, sales letter or other content creation challenge


personal brand standout


Bonus #1: How to ask research questions.

Bonus #2: Recordings of each session and copies of slides, because you'll get new insights into the material as you continue to practice.

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