For coaches, consultants, and independent professionals who want to communicate their value to prospective clients. 

"Create A High-Converting About Page (even if you hate to write about yourself)" 

Cathy Goodwin, Online Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

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Give your About Page an unfair advantage when you incorporate these little known tips: 

  • The storytelling strategy that makes you look forward to writing your About Page (even if you've always dreaded this before)
  • The cringeworthy "personal touch" that cuts your credibility by a factor of 10 (many people think they MUST have it)
  • The fastest way to move your About Page from "under construction" to "out there and converting"  
  • why your best clients feel your About Page was written for somebody else (and how to create warm fuzzy connections when you need them)

... and more!